Our values have been dismantled

Something needs to be said concerning our country’s history, Judeo-Christian principles, and our current moral state. The Progressives would have you believe America is no longer a Christian nation, that we have evolved past those stodgy Ten Commandments, living in an open, “progressive” society. Shame on us all for allowing this. As a girl, I [...]

Gay marriage group important step forward

New Mexicans are still waiting for a decision from the state Supreme Court on whether same-sex marriages are legal in New Mexico. The court heard oral arguments in October, but no ruling has been issued. Considering the legal issues and writing the decision takes time, obviously. Even so, supporters of marriage equality are not simply [...]

Viewpoint: New Mexico’s cremation laws need adjusting

Generally, when a family member dies, the family proceeds to make final arrangements for the body. But for Leah McFarland, a mother who raised her daughter alone, it wasn’t that straightforward. Because she was estranged from the father for many years and could not locate him, the mortuary she selected would not cremate her 30-year-old [...]

U.S. government acting against its own citizens

“T rust us.” That’s tough to do right now  if the request is coming from your  government. From the IRS targeting political opponents, to the Justice Department seizing records of journalists, to the National Security Agency compiling phone call and Internet use data from millions of Americans, it’s almost as though the Obama administration has [...]

Tough to justify conflict with Syria

The next Middle East conflict, Syria, into which the United States is about to inject itself, is fraught with peril. It is difficult to justify joining this fight. At issue is President Obama’s decision to arm the rebels fighting the regime of Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad. While the decision purportedly would involve small arms and, [...]

Public funds require utmost accountability

Some local governments are just learning the fiscally troubling news that they will not be getting back as much in gross receipts tax revenue from the state as they thought they would. Businesses collect the gross-receipts tax from consumers and turn it over to the state, which distributes the tax revenue to cities, counties and [...]

Student profile - Tyler Steele, Clovis Christian

Editor's note: This is the third in a series of profiles on graduating seniors from area high schools. Tyler Steele is a graduating senior at Clovis Christian School. He is a decorated member of the school's football team, and also played basketball and ran track. Steele is also a member of the National Honor Society [...]

Opinion: Jail cells not the solution for mentally ill

Local law enforcement and corrections officials shouldn't be responsible for mentally ill residents. But too often, in eastern New Mexico and across the state and nation, mental patients are locked in our jails because we don't know what else to do with them. We need a better idea. Last Sunday's Clovis News Journal examined an [...]

Lopez statue great idea, with private dollars

Government should spend public money on projects that benefit the public — not on monuments honoring iconic sports figures. We're not sure what our Legislature was thinking when it allocated $150,000 to build a statue honoring golf legend Nancy Lopez in her hometown of Roswell. We're glad Gov. Susana Martinez was thinking, and watching out [...]

Decline of bees threatens our food supply

The continued decline of honeybees is raising alarm bells, with commercial beekeepers telling The New York Times that some 40 percent to 50 percent of hives needed to pollinate fruits and vegetables died last year. Even people who don't consider themselves environmentalists are becoming concerned. Increasingly, researchers and beekeepers are coming to the conclusion that [...]