12-15-07 Empty Stocking Fund

Today’s focus: Ms. B Household members: 2 Children: 1 Special circumstances: “Ms. B’s” income is barely enough to cover necessities. Her holiday hopes: For her child to have a good Christmas. Clothing needs: Girls shirt size 12. Girls pants size 12. Girls shoe size 2 1/2. Toys list: Scooter. The Empty Stocking Fund is a […]

Dec. 7 Empty stocking fund

Today’s focus: “Mr. P” Household members: 4 Children: 1 Special circumstances: “Mr. P” is a single father who was just awarded custody of his child. His holiday hopes: For his child to have have a nice Christmas. Clothing needs: Girls clothing size 10/12. Girls shoe size 3. Toys list: Sponge Bob The Empty Stocking Fund […]

Dec. 5, 2007 Empty Stocking Fund

Today’s focus: “Ms. S” Household members: 2 Children: 1 Special circumstances: “Ms. S” recently lost her job when the business was shut down. She has been unable to find a new job. She is doing what she can to keep her utilities on. Her holiday hopes: For her child to have a nice Christmas. Clothing […]

Empty stocking — Dec. 3

CNJ staff Today’s focus: “Ms. D” Household members: 4 Children: 2 Special circumstances: “Ms. D” has lupus and the family travels to Lubbock frequently for her to receive care. Her holiday hopes: To have nice presents for the children. Clothing needs: Boys shirt size 8. Boys pants size 6 to 7. Shoe size men’s 1. […]

Clovis Housing to receive $32,844

CNJ Staff The Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded $397,255 in grant funding to New Mexico housing agencies, according to a press release from U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M. Clovis Housing and Redevelopment will receive $32,844 of the money. The grants will allow the various housing agencies to retain their Rental Certification/ Housing […]

Empty stocking — Monday, Nov. 29

CNJ staff Today’s focus: Judy Household members: 5 Children: 3 Special circumstances: “This year has been hard. The bills have kinda put our family behind a little bit.” Her holiday hopes: “The Salvation Army will be of great help this year for the holidays.” Clothing needs: 8, 3T and 2T girls’ pants and shirts. Size […]

Empty stocking: Thursday, Nov. 25

CNJ staff Today’s focus: Rhonda Household members: 3 Children: 2 Special circumstances: “I was given legal custody of (two grandchildren) and I really can’t afford much after paying the bills.” Her holiday hopes: “I want my grandkids to have a real nice Christmas.” Clothing needs: 14 girls pants, 14 husky boys pants, large girls shirts, […]