Sometimes summer reports need stretch

By Helena Rodriguez: Freedom Newspapers I stumbled upon a school report by my older sister Becky in elementary school titled “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” and was shocked. According to the report, she went to Disneyland and Six Flags. Funny, I didn’t remember going to those places that summer. I just remembered riding in […]

Base readies for summer safety season

Lt. Col. Ancel Yarbrough Have you heard? Summer is here yet again! It may not have felt like summer with the past few cool nights, but the Air Force is ready to proclaim another 101 Critical Days of Summer, beginning May 29. Cannon Air Force Base is in the thick of making the most of […]

Return home often best part of vacation

By Grant McGee: Local columnist Family vacation was coming to a close. It was time to turn away from the Gulf of Mexico and head home to Clovis. The Lady of the House and I headed into Louisiana. A night in the swamp and a bowl of crawfish etouffe’ in bayou country was our next […]

Portales couple’s honeymoon halted by hurricane

By Kevin Wilson: Freedom Newspapers After putting it off for nearly a year, Adrian and Kendra Lopez were looking forward to a honeymoon vacation they wouldn’t forget. They certainly got that, as the vacation’s final days in Cancun featured a visit from Hurricane Emily. The vacation started innocently enough months before, as the couple received […]

Warning signs

By Curtis K. Shelburne: Religion columnist My computer just gave me a warning. A box with a big red light popped up at the bottom of the screen: “Warning! User Resources Are Low!” A few clicks of the mouse and a quick re-boot of the machine, and I’m back in good shape. A few months […]

Vacations are break from everyday chores

By Grant McGee: Local Columnist Are you planning a vacation this summer? This afternoon, if all goes according to plan, I will roll east out of Clovis and be off on the first two-week vacation I have ever had. I needed two weeks to cover all the stuff I’d like to do, putting together some […]

KENW shoots for big haul in auction

By Helena Rodriguez: Freedom Newspapers PORTALES — Call it shopping at home, but for a worthy, entertaining and educational cause. The 29th annual KENW-TV Tele-Auction will take over the area airwaves June 6 through June 11 as 2,000 items are auctioned, ranging from $5 “Steal of the Night” items up to a vacation for two […]

Won’t it be nice to be out of time?

By Curtis Shelburne Won’t it be nice to be out of time? Huh? I repeat: Won’t it be nice to be out of time? I don’t wonder that you’re confused. You’re probably thinking: Whaddaya mean? “Nice” to be out of time? I find myself “out of time” already innumerable times every week, and running out […]

Tucumcari police chief resigns

By TV Hagenah: Freedom Newspapers TUCUMCARI — Dennis Townsend has resigned as Tucumcari’s police chief, effective Nov. 29, Tucumcari City Manager Richard Primrose said. Townsend is on vacation and could not be reached for comment. The veteran law officer had faced heavy criticism in the past 10 months with residents claiming officers were harassing law-abiding […]