Empty Stocking Fund

Today’s Focus: Mary Household members: 5 Children: 3 Special circumstances: “Daughter just moved in with three children. She suffered the death of a child a few years back and has had a hard time adjusting to the loss.” Clothing needs: Boy’s pants size 18; girl’s pants sizes 10 and 3T; boy’s shirts sizes XL; girl’s […]

Empty stocking: Dec. 19, 2004

Today’s focus: Alice Household members: 5 Children: 4 Special circumstances: “I am having a hard time this year due to illness in the family and becoming a single mom again has made things very difficult for my children and myself.” Her holiday hopes: “All children are in need of warm winter jackets, sheets, comforters, socks […]

Empty stocking: Dec. 14

CNJ staff Today’s focus: Tara Household members: 5 Children: 3 Special circumstances: “This year I’m not working because of illness; and it doesn’t look like Christmas will happen, because with the income I have it’s either pay rent and bills or buy gifts, and we all need somewhere to stay.” Her holiday hopes: Have gifts […]

12/12 Empty stocking

CNJ Staff Today’s focus: Marie Household members: 4 Children: 3 Special circumstances: “My bills are higher than I expected and I am trying to help my mother and sister raise my niece and nephew while their mother is away.” Her holiday hopes: A good Christmas. Clothing needs: Boys pants size 3T, girls pants sizes 4T […]

Empty stocking: Wednesday, Dec. 8

CNJ staff Today’s Focus: Karen Household members: 7 Children: 6 Special circumstances: She is taking care of her sister’s children. Clothing needs: Boy’s pants sizes 7, 9-10, 8-9 and 3 T; girl’s pants sizes 4T and 12 months; boy’s shirts sizes 7, 9-10, 8-9 and 3 T; girls shirts sizes 4T and 12 months; boys […]

Empty stocking: 12-6-04

Today’s focus: Julia Household members: 6 Children: 4 Special circumstances: “My husband’s job has slowed down and he is on the list of people they are laying off. I’m hoping he will have job for Christmas. If not things will be very scarce for us.” Clothing needs: Boy’s pants sizes 32 X 30, 16 and […]

Empty stocking: Dec. 5, 2004

Today’s focus: Bonnie Household members: 7 Children: 5 Special circumstances: “I am currently working part-time … and don’t think I can afford presents this year … and my husband is ill and is trying to get SSI to help him.” Her holiday hopes: For her kids to have Christmas presents. Clothing needs: Boy’s pants sizes […]