Dec. 1, 2007 Empty Stocking Fund profile

Freedom New Mexico Today’s focus: “Ms. I” Household members: 6 Children: 4 Special circumstances: “Ms. I’s” family has fallen on hard times. They recently moved from California and their house has needed major repairs. Her husband is unemployed because he is undergoing therapy for mental health problems. Her holiday hopes: For her children to have […]

Nov. 30, 2007 Empty stocking fund

Today’s focus: “Ms. A” Household members: 6 Children: 3 Special circumstances: “Ms. A’s” hours at work are too short to cover Christmas expenses. Her husband’s paycheck is used toward other bills. Her holiday hopes: For her children to have gifts under the tree at Christmas. Clothing needs: Girls shirt sizes juniors 10-12, 14-16 and 16-18. […]

Nov. 28, 2007 Empty Stocking Fund

Today’s focus: “Ms. C” Household members: 6 Children: 5 Special circumstances: “Ms. C” is a single mother who is raising her three children. She is also raising her niece and nephew because their mother is incarcerated. She has been unable to work due to an illness. Her holiday hopes: For her children to have a […]

Texting yourself costs twice as much

By Kevin Wilson: CNJ staff writer I was out of town on business, and it was dinnertime. Being dinnertime, I was hungry, so much so that driving home on an empty stomach was no option. I knew people in this city, but chose to go it alone for two reasons. First, time is money, and […]

Dec. 23, 2006 Empty Stocking Fund: “Ms. R”

Today’s focus: “Ms. R” Household members: 4 Children: 3 Special circumstances: “Ms. R” is a single mother and has a limited income. She won’t have any extra money for Christmas. Holiday hopes: To have presents for her children. Clothing needs: Boys pants sizes 12, 4T and 18 months. Boys shirt sizes large, 4T and 18 […]

Dec. 21 2006 Empty Stocking Fund: “Ms. A”

Today’s focus: “Ms. A” Household members: 5 Children: 3 Special circumstances: “Ms. As” family has just moved to Clovis. Her husband has yet to find employment. They have filed for assistance but have not received state or federal assistance yet. The family has been living in their car because they have been unable to find […]

Dec. 20, 2006 Empty Stocking Fund: “Ms. B”

Today’s focus: “Ms. B” Household members: 7 Children: 3 Special circumstances: “Ms. B” is on a fixed income and is raising her grandchildren, but she doesn’t have much money. Holiday hopes: To give her grandchildren a good Christmas. Clothing needs: Boys pants sizes 31-by-32 and 2T. Boys shirt sizes L and 2T. Boys shoe sizes […]

People helping people

Today’s focus: “Ms. C” Household members: 8 Children: 6 Special circumstances: “Ms. C” is attending classes to earn her GED. She is not working because she wants to concentrate on her school work. She is studying hard to provide a better life for her children, including a daughter who is deaf, but she won’t have […]

Dec. 17, 2006 Empty Stocking Fund Profile

Today’s focus: “Ms. B” Household members: 3 Children: 2 Special circumstances: “Ms. B” has a physical disability and is not able to work. She relies on Social Security and SSI. She is a single parent of two young girls. Her holiday hopes: She hopes she can give her daughters a good Christmas and is appreciative […]

Dec. 16, 2006 Empty Stocking Fund: “Ms. F”

Today’s focus: “Ms. F” Household members: 8 Children: 5 Special circumstances: “Ms. F” is raising her grandchildren. After paying rent and utilities, she has no money left for gifts. Her holiday hopes: For her grandchildren to smile and be happy like other children on Christmas. Clothing needs: Boys shirt size medium. Boys pants size 6 […]