Empty stocking: Dec. 10

• Today’s Focus: Pam • Household members: 5 • Children: 2 • Special circumstances: “My husband broke his leg so we only have one income and more bills than money.” Clothing needs: Boy’s pants size 12-13 slim, girl’s pants size 8-9, boy’s shirt size 12-13, girl’s shirt size 8-9, boy’s shoes size 8 1/2, girl’s […]

Empty stocking: Dec. 5, 2004

Today’s focus: Bonnie Household members: 7 Children: 5 Special circumstances: “I am currently working part-time … and don’t think I can afford presents this year … and my husband is ill and is trying to get SSI to help him.” Her holiday hopes: For her kids to have Christmas presents. Clothing needs: Boy’s pants sizes […]

Empty stocking: Dec. 3, 2004

Today’s focus: Lori Household members: 5 Children: 3 Special circumstances: “I am not working because of illness and it doesn’t feel like Christmas will happen because with the income I have it’s either pay rent and bills or by gifts and we all need somewhere to stay.” Clothing needs: 8 boys’ pants, medium boys’ shirt, […]

Empty stocking — Wednesday, Dec. 1

CNJ staff Today’s focus: Shelley Household members: 5 Children: 4 Special circumstances: “I was sanctioned from my TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) benefits due to being in the hospital with my ill son, Seth; and I couldn’t meet my work requirements.” Clothing needs: 12, 8 and 2T boys’ pants and shirt, 18 months girls […]

Empty stocking: Tuesday, Nov. 30

Today’s focus: Sonya Household members: 5 Children: 3 Special circumstances: “My boyfriend is on commission and last year we did not have much of a Christmas because of the weather not letting him work. We didn’t even make enough to pay bills.” Her holiday hopes: “I hope we could give our kids a Christmas this […]

School uniforms could solve problems

By Ned Cantwell Scott Peterson will be named Husband of the Year before New Mexico schools adopt student uniforms. Threatening New Mexicans with school uniforms is like telling a Ku Klux Klansman he has to wear a blue sheet. You might as well tell the president of the local NRA chapter he has to get […]