NM ballplayer shows us all work ethic pays

Proving that it pays to wait for your pitch, Albuquerque Academy grad Alex Bregman didn’t sign to play professional baseball when he was drafted out of high school. He went to college instead. And in addition to three years of on-the-field honors, and trying to lead his LSU Tigers to a national championship today, Bregman […]

Sloan: Republicans not for rural whites

Portales resident Geni Flores thinks middle-class rural whites often vote against their own interests. “Back in the 1930s most poor, rural whites had lost their farms and self-sustenance due to the Depression and dust bowl,” Flores said. “These people found relief through FDR’s New Deal. As a result, they became loyal Democrats, and passed that […]

Arrowsmith: Notre Dame brazenly ‘sports first’

My senior year of high school during basketball season, I had fallen asleep during a test in one of my advanced placement classes. We got home after midnight from a road game, and I tried to study that night until almost 3. The teacher’s response was to let me know I should have just mentioned […]

New Mexico must prepare for fire season

To heck with weather — just when folks are pleased as punch that rain has blessed our state, there’s this. Spring rains are fueling plant growth, which means the fire season still to come in late summer and early fall could be devastating. Because after the monsoons depart, leaving behind grasses and underbrush, the lush […]

McManigal: Ideas, beliefs change with growth

Everyone changes their mind as they grow. Almost everything I now believe is because along the way someone, somehow, convinced me I was wrong. Most of those changes came after a lot of figurative kicking and screaming. I didn’t want to accept I could be wrong, and I liked what I believed. It was comfortable, […]

Render: Military move away from God sad

I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in October of 1960 and served on active duty for 20 years, retiring in 1980. My son-in-law retired from the USMC in 2003 and my daughter will officially retire as a master sergeant of Marines on June 30. In discussing our slightly different experiences with Marine Corps […]

Administration not transparent as it portrays

“This is the most transparent administration in history.” — President Barack Obama, February 2013 If you define transparency the way the president does — that “every visitor that comes into the White House is now part of the public record. Every law we pass and every rule we implement we put online for everyone to […]

McDonald: Tax debate between parties a toss up

Clearly, there are ideological differences between conservatives and liberals — but not always. On the issue of taxes, it’s a mixed bag. Rhetorically, national Republicans love to cry out for fewer taxes while Democrats prefer to look the other way when a tax gets raised. That’s because the GOP touts itself as pro-business and anti-big […]

More attention needs focused on pregnancies

If a New Mexico teenager gets pregnant, she is less likely to finish high school, get and hold a job or attain economic stability. There are exceptions, but having a baby, or babies, generally makes life tougher for a teen. Plus, her child will be more likely to live in poverty, start out behind in […]

Sloan: Leaflet failed to answer question

After a recent noon-time basketball session in Greyhound Arena with assorted townspeople and students in which we older guys once again prevailed, I described to dominating Portales post Jody Bailey a visitation I’d received the Saturday before. After three hours photographing shoes for my traditional and now semi-famous “The Shoes of Graduation” (supplemented this year […]

Arrowsmith: You don’t have to know everything

Two people are having a conversation. Person A makes a point on something he has experienced personally. Person B responds to the Person A comment by saying it is not true. Person B does not know why it is not true, but just knows that what Person A is saying is false. Person A then […]

We should offer welcome to new Archbishop Wester

It’s a time of major transition for the region’s Roman Catholics. In ceremonies Thursday at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi in Santa Fe, Bishop John C. Wester of the Diocese of Salt Lake City was named the 12th archbishop of Santa Fe. He serves as the religious leader of more than 300,000 […]

McManigal: City councils radically un-American

Through observation over my adult life — and especially lately — I have come to a conclusion: city councils are the realm of the petty megalomaniac. They all seem to have this idea that enforceable rules must be applied to the people they “govern.” This is sad, perverted, harmful and radically anti-American. It’s always triggered […]

Render: FBI should ask Clintons about funds

Former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert finds himself accused of improper sexual contact with a young boy several decades ago and then paying him blackmail money to keep the incident quiet. Notice that I wrote Hastert has been accused of sexual misconduct, not indicted for sexual misconduct. Hastert faces a federal indictment for […]

Schools should help PED revise evaluation system

The New Mexico Public Education Department doesn’t dispute that the new teacher evaluation system is a work in progress, and that it’s a system that needs informed feedback to improve and refine its results. That’s important, because a few weeks after the second round of teacher evaluations have been released, there’s a lot of legitimate […]

McDonald: State’s festivals best part of summer

All around New Mexico, we love our festivals. I suppose that’s true all over the world, but here in the Land of Enchantment, we have more than our share of unique events. And summertime is the season a whole lot of them come out of the woodwork. The space I have would do no justice […]

Lifting crude oil ban would help in many ways

With one action, the U.S. Congress could reduce the nation’s trade deficit, grow U.S. jobs, increase revenue and assure more U.S. influence across the world. But because of Congressional inaction, an export ban remains in place 40-plus years later. The ban was enacted by Congress following the 1973 Arab oil embargo. That embargo created a […]

Sloan: Earth history facts not so trivial

My book-of-the-month summary for May is Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything.” Its 544 pages cover everything from the Big Bang to civilization’s rise. Here are some highlights: • Pluto is barely one-fifty-thousandth of the way to the edge of the solar system. • Of Earth’s space by volume, 99.5 percent is off […]

Arrowsmith: FIFA take just a drop in the bucket

I know how I will go crazy. It will be because of numbers. I think I have said that before, and if I have said it, then I must be on my way. The FIFA — Federation International Football Association — raid this week brought about some of the largest charges of racketeering in the […]

Hunting officials right to wait for new numbers

This is one anniversary the state’s official mammal would fear if it knew it was under way — the every-four-year review of the Bear and Cougar Rule. Public hearings are being held around the state on a proposal that could increase the bear kill limit, currently set at 640 each year, and expand areas where […]