U.S. does little to keep track of immigrants

Maybe Michael Steven Sandford, a would-be assassin from Britain, doesn’t fit the stereotype of an illegal immigrant. But he actually is fairly typical and he does illustrate another reason America needs comprehensive immigration reform. Sandford was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada, this month at a Donald Trump rally and is facing charges in an alleged […]

McDonald: State’s sacrificed much for nation

Around the corner is Independence Day, a holiday in which we celebrate the birth of these United States. Here in New Mexico, we have the history, heritage and diversity to do it up right. At first, sundry Native American tribes shared this harsh and enchanting landscape, but they were eventually overpowered and “assimilated” into the […]

Wildlife, human interaction needs careful balance

The marathon runner played dead. The mama bear ended up dead for real in her native wilderness habitat. Who was at fault? The runner? Organizers of the event in the Valles Caldera National Preserve? The U.S. National Park Service, which gave permission for the race? Or the bear that lived there tending to her three […]

Sloan: ‘Brief History’ can’t be summarized

My book-of-the-month summary for June is “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking. Impossible to summarize in 300-plus words, here are selected passages: • “We give little thought to the machinery that generates the sunlight that makes life possible, to the gravity that glues us to an Earth that would otherwise send us spinning […]

Wilson: A few more grammar pitfalls to avoid

Two weeks prior, I wrote a column about writing pitfalls to avoid. To my extreme frustration, I forgot a few. Also, readers supplied me with enough encouragement, and some of their own faux pas, to inspire a Part II. Many of these are built around the phrase, “If I had more time, I’d have written […]

Protecting our own would best serve nation

Though it made an incredibly fast about-face under withering criticism, the Obama administration seems determined to replace the nation’s anti-terrorism mantra “if you see something, say something” with “if you hear something, pretend it never happened — if it offends a group we don’t want to offend.” That’s what happened when FBI Director James Comey […]

McManigal: No one has right to violate others

In the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre, popular opinion seemed to blame either guns or the murderer’s religion. It’s good neither is subject to popular opinion, because opinion is fickle. You have a right to choose and exercise your own religion, and you have a right to own and to carry any weapon you […]

Render: Gun laws should be non-negotiable

The 1952 western movie “High Noon,” generally considered to be the first adult western, won Gary Cooper a Best Actor Academy Award for his performance in the role of Sheriff Will Kane. Three outlaws taking over a western town just didn’t happen that way in real life. There are at least two well-documented incidents that […]

Drug proposal deserves serious consideration

Many Americans are experiencing a new pain at the pharmacy cash register due to skyrocketing medication costs. For many seniors and others on fixed incomes, that financial pain level is 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Spending for Medicare’s outpatient prescription program grew by nearly 60 percent from 2007 through 2014, from $46 […]

McDonald: State deals sweet for film makers

My older daughter tells a great story about how she met Jeff Bridges and didn’t even know it. She was a teenager at the time, working at a local bookstore in “the original” Las Vegas (New Mexico) when he came in to the store. She said she was decorating an Easter egg for an upcoming […]

UNM on right track to ensure student safety

Investigations into allegations of sexual harassment or sexual assault involving University of New Mexico students and employees will move at a faster pace. The U.S. Department of Justice released a report earlier this year criticizing what it called sometimes confusing policies at UNM that could discourage students from reporting sex-related offenses. It also criticized UNM […]

McManigal: Anti-gun laws take our protection

As long as people exist, there will be bad people harming others. I realize this is upsetting news — it saddens me, too. The belief that laws will stop bad people is one of the most dangerous delusions ever to take root. Whether in a free society or a police state, bad people will do […]

Render: Obama, Clinton fooled by terrorists

The political correctness coming out of the left, led by the president of the United States and his designated successor, with their predisposition to blame gun owners instead of radical jihadists for mass killings, is making a growing number of Americans crazy. After each terror attack, the president addresses the nation with assurances that America […]

Remember our flag waves for freedom, equality

The Rainbow Pride flag has long been a symbol for the gay community. Over the last couple of days, its symbolism has expanded as one of unity not just for those Americans, but for Americans of varied backgrounds who together mourn the senseless murders inflicted by a terrorist-inspired American in an Orlando, Florida, nightclub catering […]

McDonald: Rights are for all, including LGBT

Sex is always a topic that gets attention, but lately it’s been getting attention in some disturbing ways. Transgender rights, sexual assaults on college campuses, and Internet pornography have all been in the news lately — and while they’re unrelated in the way in which they’ve made news, they all have one thing in common: […]

City shooting itself in the foot with range plan

Clovis city commissioners on Thursday are expected to discuss the pros and cons of a taxpayer-funded shooting range being established at Ned Houk Park. We think it’s time government got out of the entertainment business. Promoters say the proposed 720-acre range would feature 100-yard and 200-yard rifle targets, an area for pistol shooting and skeet […]

Sloan: Life still found in declining towns

Despite amateurish photography skills, I enjoy taking photos of rustic buildings in rural areas. While recently chauffeuring a teacher to the small West Texas towns of Morton, Muleshoe, Lazbuddie, Dimmitt, Wilson and Meadow for interviews for elementary positions, I killed time by snapping photos of old houses. I assumed the dilapidated structures — with missing […]

Wilson: No such thing as a grammar Nazi

Little can rattle me faster than a word, or piece of punctuation, used incorrectly. As an editor, it’s part of my job to stop them so they don’t rattle you wonderful readers. But why stop at my desk? Here are a handful of pitfalls, mostly linguistic, with some definitions and personal rules added: • Regarding […]

Voters reminded commissioners who’s in charge

Curry County’s primary elections this week should serve as a lesson for anyone and everyone in public office: Do not defy your constituents. We never know exactly why voters choose as they do, but there’s a pretty good chance Tuesday’s results are directly related to the county jail. Three times voters told county officials they […]

McManigal: Government working as designed

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but this seems to be an exceptionally angry presidential election cycle. More than usual, those who hate the candidates are setting the tone, rather than those who support them. Just about everyone who cares passionately for one or the other seems to be behaving like a rabid animal. People don’t simply […]