Sharing the magic of newspapers

By Kevin Wilson Staff writer Wait. So this guy’s a magician and he runs a small-town newspaper? This should be an interesting story. That was me, a few weeks ago at media conference in Texas. His name was Randy Keck, and he talked about one of his most frustrating days running a newspaper. With each […]

Gang affiliation has long-term impact

A recent study gives new meaning to “gang mentality.” Because, mentally, gang members — even short-timers — are more likely to become lifelong losers. The University of Washington followed 808 fifth-graders in 1985. The subjects were from 18 public schools in Seattle’s high-crime neighborhoods. After a 30-year study, some of the findings were obvious: Those […]

Eliminating conjugal visits right decision

It’s a quality of life issue, after all. And people convicted of crimes should expect that  quality to be prison, not Palm Springs. Still, prisons are more than a tool for punishment. They help convicts begin the reintegration process into society. The New Mexico Department of Corrections gets it, and has made new policies to […]

Easter time to think about forgiveness

By David Stevens Editor My favorite part of the Easter story happens a few days before the angel asks, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!” I realize the resurrection was the most important part, that without it Jesus was just another innocent state-sanctioned murder […]

Tesla gamble worth payout

By Tom McDonald State columnist It happens all the time. A manufacturer starts looking around the country for a place to locate a new plant and the states fall all over themselves to accommodate them in every way possible. Sometimes deals are made on the down-low, away from any media attention. Other times the company […]

Right decision made on welfare use restrictions

More than 16,600 New Mexico households depend on the federalTemporary Assistance for Needy Families program to make ends meet. Not, it should be clear, to place a bet, have a beer or get a lap dance. And so the administration of Gov. Susana Martinez has done in 2014 what Congress mandated in 2012, what the state […]

Liberty maximizes prosperity

By Kent McManigal Local columnist Many times I have been asked some variation of the question, “I don’t understand; what is it you want?” Well, what is it most humans want? I think most of us want health, safety, and prosperity — let’s call this combination “happiness” — for ourselves and our loved ones. I […]

Letter to the editor: Smiley Gallegos deserves better

I am appalled at the gossip and negative reaction the prosecution of the housing authority case has brought to the media front. Time is no excuse for not prosecuting Vincent “Smiley” Gallegos and the others accused of crimes in this case. You can bet your bottom dollar that if the office of the attorney general […]

Former Harvey House deserves preservation

Amid so much gloomy economic news for New Mexico, it’s encouraging to  hear that the sale of La Castaqeda Hotel in Las Vegas has been finalized. The classic 1898 hotel, once home to a Teddy Roosevelt Roughrider reunion, former Harvey House and location of movies from Red Dawn to Speechless, deserves preservation. Buyer Allan Affeldt […]

Too bad life doesn’t include takebacks

Kevin Wilson

By Kevin Wilson Columnist A Monday free. A list full of errands. Then a text. Scrabble games happening at noon. Looks like that just became Tuesday’s errand list. I love Scrabble. Did you know it was International Scrabble Day on Sunday? The people who told me knew, but they chose Monday because the facility wasn’t […]