Partisan attack should be met with intolerance

Democracy was firebombed last weekend in North Carolina. The competition of ideas was burned, vigorous debate was charred, free speech was defaced. The news that a North Carolina Republican headquarters had been torched was sickening and disheartening — not just for Republicans, but for all Americans who understand our country thrives in part because we […]

McManigal: Government clubs could work

Why isn’t liberty more popular? Every libertarian eventually ponders this question. The answers they arrive at vary. Some are negative — people are lazy, cowardly, don’t want responsibility, and are addicted to theft and bullying. Some are slightly nicer — people don’t understand liberty because they have been indoctrinated against it, or they don’t realize […]

Render: Trump’s analysis of Hillary right

Marcel Lazar Lehel is a Romanian computer hacker who uses the pseudonym, “Guccifer.” Guccifer is responsible for any number of hacks against targeted celebrities. One of his more memorable hacks was long time Clinton associate Sidney Blumenthal, who some have called a political assassin. Guccifer is presently serving time in a federal prison. “Guccifer 2.0” […]

Sloan: Trump not guilty of convictions

I don’t anticipate voting for Trump or him winning, but I doubt he would be the 2016 version of Hitler or Caligula or the demise of democracy (admittedly, a low bar). In fact, I think his supporters would be sorely disappointed. My impression is he has no firm convictions — religious or otherwise. In his […]

Heinrich: Clean energy helps economy, climate


This month, New Mexicans gathered to sign a 180-foot, 23,000-pound wind turbine blade in front of the Curry County Courthouse. This gigantic blade will join two others on a tower that will be part of the Grady Wind Energy Center, one of three new wind energy projects in the county, which will produce approximately 500 […]

The purpose of government bears repeating

We’ve written this editorial before, many times, actually, so please excuse the repetition, but we think it is important: We don’t endorse political candidates. That’s primarily because we seldom see any who reflect our core values of limited government. Those seeking office on Nov. 8 are mostly well-intentioned people. Their hearts are in the right […]

US must slow its demand for high-risk drugs

The deaths of at least 20 people in New Mexico who overdosed on the powerful painkiller fentanyl, disguised as oxycodone, underscores New Mexico’s opioid drug problem. The Ruidoso victims illegally purchased what appeared to be 30-milligram pills of oxycodone, a prescription painkiller, but federal agents believe it was fentanyl mixed with a neutral powder. Fentanyl […]

McManigal: Government feeds on your fears

Government officials need you to be afraid. They depend on your fear of crime, including terrorism (and, apparently clowns) to make you believe you need them. This fear causes you to give away your liberty and dignity for the illusion of security they promise. The solutions they offer are designed to feed your fears by […]

Render: Actions speak louder than words

The recent release of a 2005 video has Donald Trump being pilloried for his “disturbing conduct and offensive rhetoric” toward women. In an Albuquerque Journal news item, Democratic Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham commented on the issue. Lujan Grisham stated, “This is consistent with the behavior of sexual predators. It’s an assault on women of the […]

Officials must get best deals, in state or not

State Auditor Tim Keller is going over state contracts worth more than $60,000 with a fine-toothed comb, looking for how much money goes to out-of-state businesses instead of to New Mexico companies. From a preliminary review, Keller estimates more than a half billion dollars is at stake and calls the practice one of the state’s […]

Sloan: Downed DJ owes livelihood to art

After getting pummeled in dominoes (as usual) last Sunday by residents in their 90s at Heartland Continuing Care Center in Portales, I met 41-year-old Lupe Vargas. In May, the graffiti artist fell on concrete from a 10-foot ladder while painting a raccoon-washing-clothes mural for an Amarillo laundromat. Busting his knees and feet, he will remain […]

Wilson: Mendoza Line applies to cereal, life

As my Texas Rangers spent the early portion of the playoffs proving, baseball is a game of failure. Fail six times out of 10, you’re a Hall of Famer. Fail seven times and you’re an above-average hitter. Fail eight, and you’re a bowl of Waffle Crisp in my hands. Does this make no sense whatsoever? […]

Referee abuse driving away needed officials

Do you want to see young athletes be able to compete on the field or in the gym? Then get off the refs’ backs and show some respect. Because without referees, the games can’t go on. And players, parents and fans will be left sitting on the sidelines. And it’s about more than playing. Kids […]

McManigal: Being good is right, even if illegal

What is a good person, and why bother trying to be one? I define a good person as someone who doesn’t intentionally harm innocent people or their property, makes it right when they harm someone by accident, and who does their best, whenever possible, to help those who need it. I can even be talked […]

Render: Trump crucified for following law

The New York Times recently received copies of Donald Trump’s 1995 tax documents that revealed “$915 (million in) losses that allowed him to legally avoid paying taxes.” The phrase, legally avoid paying taxes, implies some kind of wrong doing. Further, they note, “The real estate tycoon’s camp refused to confirm or deny the report, but […]

Important to microchip pets, keep it updated

Huxley the dog can’t tell us the story of his two-year adventure, but he still has a couple of important messages for pet owners. Microchip your pets and they just might be returned if they get lost or stolen. And, just as important, keep your personal information up to date with the microchip database. Because […]

Search on for beer-loving squatter

No one could blame Dean Overton if an extra grouch was added to the “Welcome to Portales: Home of 17,000 Friendly People and Three or Four Old Grouches” billboard. After recently returning from a week-long trip to Oklahoma, he discovered a squatter had turned his Portales house into a bed and breakfast (and lunch and […]

Cantwell: Farewell to fair New Mexico

Traveling through Arizona was pleasant that late May day in 1971. Deming was a blur. Carlsbad was somewhere out there on the horizon and I was in a big hurry. Phil Buckner had offered me $17,000 a year to run the Carlsbad Current-Argus. Was he crazy? Seventeen-thousand bucks to run a paper, write whatever I […]

Abandoning uniform law exam unwise

There are some advantages to taking a national test, especially in a professional field. You can see how you stack up against other test-takers across the country and, in the case of the Uniform Bar Examination, a passing score makes it easier to practice law in other states that give the same test instead of […]

Presidential debates have no value

Is there value in time spent watching two liars trying to out-lie each other? A lot of people seem to believe so. They watch presidential debates, and pretend they matter. People have been fooled into believing “it’s a two-party system” and a vote for anyone else is a wasted vote, and the debates confirm this […]