Letters to the editor: Ruling tramples on Constitution

The left-leaning U.S. Supreme Court has once again trampled on the U.S. Constitution. Liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor, acting in her capacity as circuit justice for the 10th Circuit, issued her opinion denying the injunction suit filed by Hobby Lobby. The suit requested an injunction to block the implementation of Obama-care's unconstitutional mandate forcing employers to […]

Letters to the editor: Clean energy key to our future

The Dec. 11 newspaper had an informative article about lawmakers pushing for an extension to wind energy tax credits. Our two senators and one representative, Ben Lujan, are for the extension. Ken Starcher, associate director at Alternative Energy Institute at West Texas A&M, explained the importance of the tax credit to speed up the development […]

Letters to the editor: Massacres show lost link to God

U.S. "massacre events" since 1966 total 36 and nearly 350 murders — a profile of a nation that has lost its soul and its connection with its Creator! This is reflected not only in these demonic acts of carnage, but also in our media and leaders who ask the endless string of empty "Whys." "Political […]

Letter to the editor: Control officers need safety vests

On Nov. 28, Animal Control Officer Roy Marcum was shot and killed in the line of duty at a Galt, Calif., home that was supposed to be vacant due to a foreclosure and eviction the day prior. Having lived in Galt for many years, this story caught my attention. The first thought that came to […]

Strangers’ kindness unforgettable

I would like to thank some very nice people for their acts of kindness. On Nov. 4, my 9-year-old grandson and I were at a grocery store purchasing a cake for his birthday. While standing in line for checkout, the woman in front of us must have overheard me explaining to the clerk, who is […]

Letter to the editor: Making wealthy pay more unfair

Regarding Anne M. Coverston's Nov. 16 letter to the editor ("President should be shown respect"). I respect much of what she said. But most Americans do not solve problems like Coverston and the president. He wants succesful people to pay higher taxes to provide for those less fortunate. It's unfair to require the wealthy to […]

Clovis mayor deserves respect, too

Anne Coverston, in her letter to CNJ published Friday, makes some good points on why we should respect the president in office. I also believe we need to approach the person holding office, even when we sharply disagree, with a better attitude. We are not going to make progress as a nation if we cannot […]

Letters to the editor: Don’t accept climate media slant

A comment on David Kilby's letter regarding climate change — "Unbiased info needs evaluation" — in Thursday's CNJ: I don't think any intelligent human being refutes climate change or global warming. Nobody denies that the Ice Age occurred. The planet has cycled through numerous climate changes in its existence. I think the question is whether […]

Letters to the editor: President should be shown respect

President should be shown respect In reference to Sunday's letter to the editor from Sharon Faulkner: I just had to respond to that ignorant tirade but also to the "us" vs. "them" mentality in this country. As we are all Americans regardless of political party, race, religion, gender, etc., why don't we sit down like […]

Time for Republicans to be radical

Well, another fake "election" — driven by corruption, voter fraud, over 20 million illegals and a paper-trained Party, rank and file, and Rubber Mouth gets another four years of uncontrolled dictatorship. So, now we have Obamacare, illegal amnesty and taxes shoved down our throats and see our freedoms trampled into the dirt. Oh, well. I […]