On the Shelves — June 8

These publications are available at the: Clovis-Carver Public Library In conjunction with the city of Clovis floodplain management program, the library maintains a collection of materials on National Flood Insurance programs, including maps of local floodplains, manuals for designing or retrofitting structures, handbooks on residential repair, guidelines for erosion control, and similar topics.  Librarians will […]

Club Notes — June 8

Curry County and Area Republican Women The May meeting of Curry County Republican Women was called to order by President Laquita Terry. Thirty-two members, associate members and guests were in attendance. Rube Render, Curry County Republican Party chairman, reminded the group to vote in the June 3 primary. Area candidates Andrea Reeb, Greg Southard, Sam […]

Honor Rolls — June 8

Names of some honor-roll students may not be listed due to parents’ privacy concerns. Arts Academy at Bella Vista Third grade A Honor roll Jessica Ceron Malik Daniels Amasa Dixon Aviana Hall Sanora Luscombe Genevieve Martin Felicity Martinez Marisa Meier David Mendoza Ryen O’Neill-Henry Elena Padgett Angel Sisneros Jace Strickland Madison Williams Quinton Williams A/B […]

Community day set

By Vanessa Kahin STAFF WRITER vkahin@cnjonline.com It’s been almost 80 years since First Baptist Church of Clovis welcomed members of a Japanese colony into its fold, when no other church in the area would do so. As the Clovis community extends not only a welcome — but also an apology — to members of  a […]

Amos the churchmouse: Little mouse from nowhere

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks – except dashes and hyphens. boss there s a strange little creature roaming around the church pew underworld nowadays he came to our neighborhood three days ago boss […]

The West Wing and “What a Friend We Have in Jesus!”

It’s Christmas at the White House, and those entering find their eyes treated to festive decorations and their ears filled with the music of the season. Most folks are enjoying the spectacle. But not Josh Lyman, Deputy Chief of Staff in the Bartlett administration. Josh’s nerves are about as frayed as they can get. Though […]

Long love affair

Joshua Lucero: Staff photo
Aircraft mechanic and inventor Robert Love explains the work that he is doing on a 1947 Stinson airplane at the Portales Municipal Airport. Love will be putting in the engine and the interior of plane.

After living 80 years, local aircraft mechanic and church deacon Robert Love hasn’t stopped doing what he loves. The former Air Force mechanic and inventor owns and operates an aircraft maintenance company called Love Aero Service, which he established in 1963 after moving to the area with his wife Lu. Love has made a lasting […]

On the shelves — June 1

Clovis-Carver Public Library Sports Illustrated Baseball’s Greatest polls the experts to determine the top 10 in more than 20 categories of players, teams and games, along with stunning photography and classic stories from the archives of Sports Illustrated magazine. A King’s Ransom by Sharon Penman gets inside the hearts and minds of real-life characters in […]

Important military dates converge

By Clyde Davis Religion columnist Convergent dates bring the advent of Memorial Day, celebrated last weekend, together with the 70th anniversary of Operation Overlord, popularly tagged as D-Day, which occurs on June 6. Needless to say, that is always June 6, but anniversaries celebrating decades seem to have more impact. 2014 is also the 100th […]

From t-shirt to apron featured on show

By Sheryl Borden Creative Living Information on cooking with Freekeh and making an apron from a tee-shirt will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” 9:30 p.m. Tuesday and noon Thursday. Bonnie Matthews is the co-founder of Freekeh Foods, and she is going to demonstrate how Freekeh Paella is an excellent dish for any dinner […]

Senior happenings — June 1

Baxter Curren Senior Center 908 Hickory, Clovis Monday: 8-ball pool; Exercise equipment; Jewelry pals, 10 a.m.; Line dance, 1 p.m.; Beginning line dance, 2 p.m.; Social night, 5 p.m. Tuesday: The Walkie Talkies; Quilting,8 a.m.; Exercise equipment, 8 a.m.; Pinochle, 1 p.m.; 8-ball pool; Musical, 6 p.m. Wednesday: 8-ball pool, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.; […]

Start of summer prime time for winter shopping

By D’Nieka Hartsfield Nieka Style The kids are on summer break and although we’ve all declared it summer, the solstice doesn’t actually begin until June 21. This past week, when I had to pull out a couple of short sets for the kids, is when it occurred to me that it’s time to get that […]

Drought affects more than Earth

By Karl Terry Local columnist This week’s column is supercharged. That’s right. I’m composing it on a computer that was struck by lightning. Sparks are flying from my fingertips as I write and jagged adjectives are flying across the screen like vivid thunderbolts. I don’t like thunder and lightning. My wife hates it and has […]

Only one everybody should know

Because of some family records and oral family history, our cousin has long maintained that we are related to the famous writer, Mark Twain. As some might say, that is “my only claim to fame.”  But as a child, it was always a real thrill for me to tell that I was related to Mark […]

Amos the churchmouse: Sidney seeks God

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks – except dashes and hyphens.   sidney seeks god one evening last week boss i bumped into a little flashing red light it was sidney the shutterbug i […]

Shelburne: Some things are well worth remembering

Curtis Shelburne

Monday was Memorial Day. The holiday had its beginning after the Civil War and was set aside as a day of remembrance for both Union and Confederate soldiers who died in our nation’s bloodiest war. Of course, the remembrance has been expanded to include all of those who have died while serving in our armed […]

Remember those who died for you

Karl Terry

I am a blessed and fortunate American. More than 1.3 million Americans have died in war to preserve my life, liberty and happiness. Yet I have not had to experience the loss of a close loved one due to war. Not having served in the Armed Forces myself I struggle to understand the sense of […]

Davis: Honor past; learn from it, too

On the New Jersey coastline, nearer to the New York area than it is to the Cape May area, there’s an old light house and, beyond the lighthouse, there’s an old battery station which was, during WWII, coastal artillery. We found it one summer afternoon/evening when we had gotten off duty from Fort Monmmouth, which […]

Nieka Style: Skinny jeans tough fit for men

As much as I admire the look, my significant other would not be caught dead wearing a pair of skinny jeans. There were times when we were out shopping and I would jokingly take him a pair to try on and he would always give me this “yeah, right” look. At least, I thought it […]

Creative Living — May 25

Information on a 12 needle felting machine, tips for going into business and how to tint fabric using crayons will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” 9:30 p.m. Tuesday and noon Thursday. Michele Muska is with the Simplicity Creative Group, and she’s going to demonstrate the new 12 needle deluxe electric felting machine as […]