Obama’s visit to city worth unpaid bill

The howling was predictable and partisan at the news that Springfield, Ill., officials were no longer actively seeking to get President Barack Obama's campaign to pay a four-year-old, $55,500 bill for police protection and other expenses. Obama was in town on a very hot August day in 2008 to announce he had chosen then-Delaware Sen. […]

Sequestration is a dangerous game to play

One thing all sides appear to agree on is that sequestration, like the use of nuclear weapons, was never supposed to happen. The word sequestration entered today's popular lexicon during the summer of 2011 in the midst of budget battles between Congress and the White House. A so-called congressional supercommittee that couldn't agree on a […]

Obama shows arrogance in recent debates

Rob Schwarzwalder, senior vice president of Family Research Council Action, offered a recent column on last week's final presidential debate. Here's a snippet: President Obama and Mitt Romney had another heated exchange during their final debate. They disagreed, cited facts and anecdotes and challenged one another. They also conveyed certain unspoken messages. The president came […]

Land owners right to protect property sacred

Eleanor Fairchild recently spent a night in jail. The 78-year-old grandmother was arrested after she stood with "eco-anarchists" against the Keystone XL pipeline's construction in East Texas. Fairchild's contribution to eco-anarchy? Trespassing — on a piece of her own farm a Texas court condemned at pipeline builder TransCanada's request. The Keystone pipeline controversy has attracted […]

Mississippi’s infant mortality has many roots

Mississippi health professionals met recently in Jackson, Miss., to discuss how the state can solve one of its most vexing problems: an infant mortality rate that is 50 percent higher than the national average. Good luck to them. Hopefully their talks included an honest assessment of the situation, which is that a greater percentage of […]

Voters getting little info about candidates

It's startling how much the presidential candidates talk and how little they say. Whether because of the candidates' weaknesses or a flawed political system, voters are getting precious little information from either candidate about how he would run the country. President Barack Obama has few details on how he would improve the economy. Does he […]

Specter example of way Congress once operated

How would you label a Republican congressman who was opposed to abortion but supported a woman's right to choose? Who didn't favor same-sex marriage but fought against laws banning it? Who voted to limit tax cuts for the rich and to raise the minimum wage for the poor? Who believed immigrants should have a pathway […]

Local voters should ignore conspiracies

Election season is full of conspiracies, but wary voters shouldn't be fooled. For all our enlightenment in this information age, conspiracy theories permeate American life, especially politics. Some of us will embrace such theories because they very conveniently rubber-stamp suspicions or biases we have, even when evidence is clearly lacking. One recent example of this: […]

Editorial: Tres Amigas vote welcome resolution

The next step toward the creation of an electrical power connection in eastern New Mexico to better serve all Americans occurred last week when the Clovis City Commission voted 5-0 in favor of issuing $1.65 billion in Industrial Revenue Bonds for the proposed Tres Amigas project. The vote is a good one in that it […]

Editorial: Space flight industry needs liability bill

Wayne Hale understands as well as anyone both the potential for commercial space flight and the obstacles to success. Hale is a former program manager for the space shuttle program. He was shuttle flight director for 40 shuttle missions, and was deputy associate administrator of strategic partnerships in NASA's Space Operations Mission Directorate when he […]

Editorial: ICE agreement positive move for meatpackers

J BS and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials took a positive step last week when they agreed to work together to ensure the meatpacking giant's U.S. workforce stays legal. The move comes more than half a decade after a raid on the meatpacking plant in north Greeley netted 262 suspected illegal workers. The dramatic raid […]

Editorial: Immigration fix must address long-, short-term

If you listen carefully, you occasionally will hear a reasoned, calm voice within all of the unreasoned, red-faced shouting so common to national discourse today. Such was the case on Monday night when former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush spoke about immigration at the annual Siouxland Chamber of Commerce dinner in Iowa. As part of his […]

Postal Service partnership tilts competition

Downtown retailers across the nation face yet another competitive hurdle thanks to a new deal penned by the United States Postal Service. No, not the good folks at our local post offices; this threat comes straight out of Washington D.C. The Postal Regulatory Commission recently approved a multimillion-dollar deal granting deep discounts to Valassis, one […]

Editorial: Bond C deserves voter support

Those supporting taxpayer-funded higher education in New Mexico should take a close look at the Bond C question on the Nov. 6 General Election ballot. Voters statewide will decide whether to allow the state to issue $120 million in general obligation bonds for capital improvements at New Mexico's universities and colleges. The cost breaks down […]

Pain-killing drug in need of regulation

A mericans are understandably inclined to believe the medicines prescribed for them are approved and provided under the safety regulations of the federal Food and Drug Administration. And in most instances, that's true. But as the current multistate outbreak of 105 meningitis cases and eight deaths (half of the latter in Tennessee) linked to spinal […]

Gas prices in California pretty scary

When you hit the local gas pumps and see the price bouncing around $3.50 a gallon, you can be thankful for one thing. You don't live in California. On Friday, the cost of a gallon of gas in the Golden State seemed to be approaching the price of actual gold with prices in the $4.50-$4.65 […]

Tragedies, power plan spotlight region and deserve reflection

Several times a year there are news weeks like this past one. They are filled with multiple news events of a magnitude that few people associate with this sparsely populated area of New Mexico. And they deserve a moment's reflection: A notorious child killer was finally recaptured Thursday after four years on the run. Now […]

Editorial: Voter fraud not an issue in New Mexico

One of the few issues to be laid to rest this campaign season is voter fraud. Fears, mostly on the right, that noncitizens might be voting, manifested in voter identification bills here and across the nation. Bearing the voter-fraud torch was Secretary of State Dianna Duran, who proceeded to botch the effort. She announced early […]

Editorial: Cyberbullies show hatred in schools

S chool officials promise disciplinary action if any Clovis Municipal Schools students are involved. Police are investigating possible criminal acts. We hope any adults responsible for the "Their Hand" Facebook page will be publicly identified as cowards and forced to answer for their despicable actions. For those not familiar, and don't want to wade through […]

Editorial: Can we please move to non-NFL referee topics?

Pardon a moment of snarkiness, but let's remember that the Earth didn't move overnight Wednesday when the NFL referees and owners patched things up and ended their petulant little strike. Now can we get back to learning more specific details about what is sure to affect all Americans, like who has the right stuff to […]