Shielding public access wrong move for Legislature

State Rep. Anna Crook surely hasn't been hit with a case of amnesia. However, she has introduced a bad piece of legislation that suggests she's forgotten a significant government foul-up in her hometown of Clovis. Crook, a Republican, introduced House Bill 592 to the Legislature, which would exempt activity related to economic development entities from […]

Note to reps: Speaking for us requires asking us

Clovis city officials are welcome to develop their opinions and share them with others. However, when they suggest their individual viewpoints represent those of our entire city without even asking us, we and all taxpayers should object. Commissioner Randy Crowder said he and City Manager Joe Thomas sent an email to city commissioners asking their […]

Senate needs to pass interlock change

When suspected drunken drivers are released pending trial, conditions of release mandate they can't drink alcohol. When convicted drunken drivers are sentenced, conditions of probation mandate they not drink alcohol. So why, then, should they be able to buy it? House Bill 87 would prohibit drunken drivers who have interlock licenses from purchasing alcohol. Sponsored […]

Council must make every attempt to recoup losses

It isn't hundreds of millions of dollars, but $24 million is a significant chunk of change. The Chicago investment firm of Vanderbilt Capital Advisors has agreed to pay $20 million to the State Investment Council and $4.25 million to the Educational Retirement Board to settle a lawsuit to recoup losses from the pay-to-play scandal of […]

Sequester problems rooted in bad priorities

As many federal employees brace for furloughs that will deliver a 20 percent pay cut, and New Mexico prepares for reductions in federal funding for everything from education to job search assistance to anti-pollution efforts, rest easy in knowing your tax dollars have saved 68 imperiled Gila trout that have found temporary shelter in an […]

Their View: New Mexico has violent crime problem

Dennis Kintigh, a former Republican lawmaker and retired FBI agent, made a recent presentation on community violence to Leadership New Mexico. Here's a summary of what he had to say, as provided in a column he wrote for regional newspapers: As I did research for the presentation, I found the data confirmed many previously held […]

Viewpoint: Tax system might need fewer exemptions

"I've never seen a tax credit that wasn't a good idea for the entity getting it." — Sen. Bill Payne, R-Albuquerque In the shadow of $85 billion in federal sequestration cuts and a $113-million-a-year attempted raid on New Mexico's Land Grant Permanent Fund, there are still about 60 groups looking for tax breaks at the […]

Clovis vision: Government can’t do it all

Let's hear some applause for Clovis City Hall asking residents how our city should look in the next decade. It sought advice and counsel from those who live here and heard from a good crowd on Thursday. So how should the city improve itself and make this a better place to live? Here's our idea: […]

Efforts at combating bullying go down for a 3 count

Rio Grande High School wrestler Nick Chavez has a state championship while the justice system, some South Valley political power brokers and the anti-bullying efforts of Albuquerque Public Schools all have a black eye. A state senator, a Bernalillo County commissioner and an APS Board member all saw fit to use their official clout and […]

Viewpoint: Streamlining insurance law long overdue

"In New Mexico, seven insurers currently account for a total of 123 prior authorization forms." — Barry Bitzer, former Deputy Secretary, N.M. Human Services Department In the year 2013 it is an exercise in wasted time, money and health to make patients, physicians, pharmacists and insurers attempt to reconcile the many permutations a prior authorization […]