FCC media monopoly rules in place for good reason

The Federal Communications Commission appears intent on weakening media-ownership rules and compounding the mistake by ignoring its own troubling findings. The commission's first-ever review, released Nov. 14, found the ownership of broadcast radio and television stations by women and minorities to be at single-digit percentages. The FCC wants to aggravate this extraordinary lack of diversity […]

Like cockroaches, meth issue will never go away

In the same sense that we sometimes wonder why Mother Nature gave the world cockroaches, it's also normal to question why we have methamphetamine. Cockroaches certainly are among the filthiest, most prolific pests in the insect world. Meth occupies a parallel spot in the hierarchy of controlled substances. Just as there's hardly anything endearing about […]

Compliance with ID law security issue

C ompliance with the federal Real ID Act is not an immigration issue. It is a security issue. And as such, New Mexico's noncompliance via its driver's license policy is a public safety concern. Not just about the inability to track individuals who fraudulently obtain a license and then skip the jurisdiction, but about the […]

Editorial: Drug testing welfare clients inefficient

Starting off the early filings before the upcoming legislative session, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst announced their support for a bill that would allow drug testing for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and unemployment benefit recipients. We have to ask: What are they smoking? The governor should certainly discourage illegal […]

Editorial: Voting rights do not need federal oversight

For residents of Southern states, one of the most-watched U.S. Supreme Court rulings will be in the next few months, when the justices consider whether it is time to relax the Voting Rights Act laws, originally passed in the 1960s to deal a death blow to racial discrimination in politics. There is little doubt the […]

Giving up on America is un-American

It's hard to take seriously the thousands of people who have signed a petition urging Texas to amicably divorce the rest of the union. Even in the fiercely independent Lone Star State, this idea is roadkill. While the signatories are exercising their right to free speech, this idea is just plumb screwy and an odd […]

Editorial: Health care costs vital to national economic health

What a coincidence that just a week after the Nov. 6 election a Washington think tank described as an idea factory for President Barack Obama presented a plan for significant federal budget savings through cuts in Medicare. The pre-election rhetoric from the White House was all about fighting tooth and nail against Republicans planning to […]

Editorial: Smooth better, even on roads less traveled

While we limited-government proponents believe individuals are negatively impacted by Big Brother on many fronts, even many libertarians recognize there is a role for government in completing some necessary projects. Count us among the less-government advocates applauding taxpayer-funded road construction scheduled to begin in 2014 between Prince and Norris Streets on U.S 60-70-84 in Clovis. […]

Editorial: America needs to rebuild its workforce

As if the United States needed another reminder it has not been educating tomorrow's workforce today. A St. Louis Post-Dispatch story, as well as the most recent "60 Minutes" broadcast, focused on the country's lack of skilled manufacturing workers. Despite an unemployment rate of 7.9 percent and more than 20 million Americans either out of […]

Legalization of marijuana bears watching

Colorado and Washington made history on Election Day when their citizens voted to legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol. The temptation for wordplay is high (we're allowed one), but the time for pot jokes is over. These successful legalization efforts mark a turning point in our nation's War on Drugs, and how we react […]

Much needed reformation tax change difficult

Voters in California, in the midst of a multi-billion budget deficit, voted last week to hike the income tax rate on income earners who make more than $250,000 a year. President Barack Obama is once again calling for higher tax rates for people who make more than $250,000 as part of a package of tax […]

Serving others routine duty for veterans

Living facts surround and embody Veterans Day across America today. This visible network makes up the ranks of our families and our neighbors' families. They join many of us in visiting the graves of veterans across this land on this day. And they are the women and men we work with, go to school and […]

Editorial: Eating more produce important, organic or not

Yet another group has weighed in on organic fruits and vegetables. The American Academy of Pediatrics said pesticide-free food doesn't translate to healthier people. An earlier study by Stanford University said eating organic food reduces exposure to pesticides, but "the amount measured in conventionally grown produce was within safety limits." All sides can agree that […]

Comprehensive immigration reform needed

The immigration policies of Canada, Australia and New Zealand vs. those of the United States epitomize the difference between taking a proactive stance and taking a page from a crisis-management manual. Because Canada, Australia and New Zealand have developed strategic plans to recruit highly educated, skilled workers. Meanwhile, the United States continues to struggle with […]

New UNM budget worth consideration

It only makes sense that in an institution of higher learning, money should work smarter. Because that money is becoming harder to find. Government budgets are constricting, tuition costs are expanding and lottery scholarship dollars are shrinking. Yet universities are still expected to keep turning out graduates prepared to make the state and national economies […]

Interning young people could help our future

Jim Clifton, CEO of the Gallup polling organization, believes young people possess the entrepreneurial energy to get the nation going again. However, they need a sound education, and the key to better classroom performance rests with some business experience, such as internships. "There is an enormous amount of economic start-up energy in our kids, enough […]

Feeding needy our responsibility

Residents and businesses of Curry and Roosevelt counties continue to show selflessness in helping the needy, most recently with a successful food-raising effort to "Stuff Nancy's Truck." They pitched in over a 10-day period in late October to donate 8,000 pounds of food and $557 to fill the new 24-foot truck of the Food Bank […]

Editorial: Nancy’s Truck helps feed people in need

Residents and businesses of Curry and Roosevelt counties continue to show selflessness in helping the needy, most recently with a successful food-raising effort to "Stuff Nancy's Truck." They pitched in over a 10-day period in late October to donate 8,000 pounds of food and $557 to fill the new 24-foot truck of the Food Bank […]

Editorial: Agriculture education sees rise in women

When someone talks about farms, the image that comes to mind is a guy on a tractor or in a barn, maybe being helped by his sons. Time to get a new picture. A recent report shows the number of females enrolled in agricultural programs at colleges surpasses that of males nationwide. Those women will […]

Burglary needs to be redefined and tweaked

For a crime to be a "burglary" it comes down to one word: "entry." What a victim may think was a burglary, by law in some cases turns out not to be. And perpetrators who don't actually enter a vehicle — like Abdul Muqqdin who allegedly punched a hole in a gas tank to steal […]