Celebration of new life and a triumph over death

Easter's eternal spirit feeds two essen tial human appetites: hope and faith. Hope ⊇gives mankind a reason to persevere, even through difficult circumstances. Faith provides the belief of a better life ahead. Easter is our annual rite of spring, the perfect celebration and remembrance event for those who believe what Scripture tells us happened to […]

Keep it short, simple and straightforward

Last Monday I attended a "Secrets of Superlative Writing" workshop with Paula LaRocque at a Fort Worth conference. Before becoming a consultant and novelist, LaRocque was a well-known writing coach for the Dallas Morning News. I talked to her afterward, and she confirmed that my obsession with teaching students (and others) to write, "The XXX […]

Monument designation good move, and overdue

M onday was an important day for Northern New Mexico — not to mention for the state and even the nation. On that day, President Barack Obama officially designated the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, preserving some 240,000 acres of our finest wilderness for generations to come. What a long time coming! Residents of […]

appeals court racino ruling opens the gate

More than five years after receiving a racing license for a planned $50 million racino in Raton, the ill-fated La Mesa Racetrack and Casino is out of the running. And that decision by the New Mexico Court of Appeals means competition and feasible, honest intentions win, place and show. Canadian developer Michael Moldenhauer got his […]

Many parts of Iraq war can be considered successes

With the 10th anniversary of "Shock and Awe" — the relentless bombing attack that signaled the beginning of the end of Saddam Hussein's evil regime in Iraq —came the predictable recriminations against the Pentagon, the covert services and, naturally, George W. Bush. "It was not worth it, to put it mildly," observed The Hartford Courant […]

Viewpoint: Legislature finishes with several hits, misses

Another 60 days in the Roundhouse, another set of hits and misses for New Mexicans. In addition to the important tax reform compromise package that awaits action by Gov. Susana Martinez, many other important issues were acted on — or not — in the past two short months. The good news first. Lawmakers: Brought public […]

Despite tough times, legislative session successful

Each day when the Legislature is in session, busloads of school children come from throughout the state to witness democracy in action. Let's hope none of those impressionable youngsters were in attendance on the final morning, when the House squelched debate, ignored the clock and muscled through a 35-page bill that only a handful of […]

Senate has funny way of celebrating transparency

It is ironic that during national Sunshine Week and in the run-up to Freedom of Information Day state senators passed a rule in the middle of the night to keep their emails and other documents secret. Around 11:20 p.m. on March 13, the Senate pulled House Concurrent Resolution 1 off the table and adopted it […]

TSA finally coming to its senses

You're getting ready to board a plane at an airport in, say, Lubbock or Amarillo. An agent asks you to empty your pockets into a plastic tray. The contents include a pocket knife you've been carrying since Grandpa gave it to you when you were a youngster. Hey, no problem, the agent says. You can […]

Putting off prairie dogs proves unwise

The thought of killing prairie dogs is not pleasurable to most people. And it was not to Clovis officials when they ordered a rodent eradication project at Ned Houk Park. But they had a responsibility to prevent the troublesome rodents from spilling onto private property and endangering those neighboring landowners' livelihoods. City commissioners approved spending […]