Candidates should consider Johnson’s ideas

New Mexico remembers Gary Johnson as the two-term governor, 1995-2003, who vetoed more legislative bills than maybe all 49 other governors. By his count Johnson signed more than 750 vetoes. That left the state's Democrats and Republicans frustrated by what they thought of as gridlock rather than good government. We typically agreed with Johnson's assessment. […]

Supreme Court hearings should be broadcast

Even by U.S. Supreme Court standards, this week's hearings on President Obama's health reform act are a historical milestone. It's arguably the biggest case the court has addressed in decades. Sadly — and despite passionate, polarized national interest — only about 300 people each day witnessed these hearings live. With due respect to news reports, […]

Remembering the battle of Glorieta Pass

On this day 150 years ago the most significant Civil War battlefield in New Mexico and the Southwest was finally quiet. Three days of back-and-forth bloodletting at the Battle of Glorieta Pass was over. By the end the South narrowly remained on the field after the North moved back down the valley. But the Confederate […]

Track officials should address safety concerns

The nation's horse-racing industry could become a ward of the federal government due to reported safety concerns involving its golden egg, the horses. Five of seven tracks at the head of this safety shortfall list are in New Mexico. The New York Times recently reported an average of 24 horses die each week at U.S. […]

Editorial: Allegations should be made public

In the view of Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent Winston Brooks, investigators for the state Public Education Department swooped down on an Albuquerque elementary school earlier this month, dragged teachers out of class and generally caused chaos at the school. There wasn't enough advance notice to get substitute teachers in classrooms while teachers were called away […]

As need grew, so did giving to United Way

In the spirit of individuality, how do we demonstrate generosity to those in need? Unquestionably, routinely, the people of this region open their hearts and their wallets and checkbooks. Nowhere outside of church collection baskets is this generosity more evident than the annual United Way of Eastern New Mexico fundraising campaign. Serving people needing help […]

FAA needs to put public safety first

What does it take to get fired by the FAA, the agency in charge of making sure the skies are safe for the flying public? Apparently putting airplanes on near collision courses isn't enough. On Feb. 29, shortly after starting his 7 p.m. shift at the FAA radar facility at Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport in Mississippi, […]