Proposed field for Greyhounds needs scrutiny

Eastern New Mexico University is considering whether to build a new football stadium. This one would be on its Portales campus, would include soccer and track facilities, and could double as home field for Portales High School athletes. The downside, of course, as with all new stadiums, is the projected cost: $8 million. Compounding the […]

Losing the same-sex marriage battle

Same-sex marriage is probably inevitable in America whatever the Supreme Court decides. That's because the public is clearly leaning that way. That the Court is even being asked to impose a sweeping social change on the nation is illustrative of another lost battle — the idea that the Supreme Court is not a super-legislature and […]

Released from the bondage of hate

A few words on the death of Elwin Wilson. He passed last month in a South Carolina hospital at age 76. Wilson had endured heart and lung problems and had suffered a recent bout with the flu. There is little reason you would know his name, but as a young man, Wilson made a virtual […]

Enforcing Alford buyout terms strictly business

The fact the University of New Mexico is playing hardball when it comes to buyout terms regarding former men's basketball coach Steve Alford should give taxpayers and fans of a strong offense something to cheer about. Because this isn't about payback for Alford hurting Lobos' feelings by deciding to coach at UCLA instead of in […]

Obama administration, ‘Big Business’, in our way

Paul Gessing, president of the limited government think tank Rio Grande Foundation, is convinced natural gas could revolutionize New Mexico's economy — if the Obama administration will get out of the way. Here are snippets from a recent column: New Mexico is among the nation's leading producers of natural gas. It has seen incredible growth […]

New system brings options, uniformity

New Mexico's eight universities and 17 community college/branch campuses are full of high school graduates taking remedial coursework. But starting with the class of 2014, those numbers should start declining. That's because for the first time students will have to prove they are competent in math, reading, writing, science and social studies before they can […]

Denying equal rights is real issue

Those opposing equal rights for others inevitably find themselves on the wrong side of history. No one is more heterosexually macho than me, but I can think of no legitimate reason to deny gays the same rights I take for granted. A local letter-writer recently criticized politicians who opposed gay marriage, then changed their minds. […]

In the orchard of life, joy abounds

Maybe it's because they're young and a bit timid. Maybe it's because they were watching the apricot tree foolishly bloom early in March, only to be bitten hard. Whatever the reason, my little pear trees held onto their buds, and finally decided to put on their frilly and beautiful show last week. There are several […]

Evolving pretense of objectivity

Conservative writer Michelle Malkin has a few words to say about words in The Associated Press stylebook. Here's a snippet from a recent column: On Tuesday, The Associated Press announced it is banishing the phrase "illegal immigrant" from its famous stylebook. The world's largest newsgathering outlet now advises reporters that "illegal" will "only refer to […]

Upfront efforts key to reducing wildfire risks

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so the old saying goes. Of course, folk wisdom doesn't always hold up when examined rigorously. When it comes to reducing damage from wildfires, however, it appears that prevention really does matter. A report — "Lessons Learned from Waldo Canyon" — prepared after the devastating […]