Promote on competence, not background

Rube Render

Rube Render

By Rube Render

Local columnist

There are times when I wonder if we are all going just slightly mad or if we are well and truly in deep kimchi.

At Fort Hood, Texas, in November 2009, an Army major killed 13 people while shouting “Allah Akbar.” This incident was determined to be “workplace violence.” After the massacre, Army Gen. George Casey said, “As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”
This led me to believe that in the view of some senior U.S. Army commanders, the fact that some of the casualties were female served to point out how lucky we are to have a diversified armed force.

A story on the Campus Reform blog by Kaitlyn Schallhorn dated June 18, 2004, notes that John L. Garland was hired by Alabama State University in August of 2008 as an adjunct professor and rehired in 2009 as an assistant professor. Garland is currently suing the university for discrimination. Garland happens to be gay. However, the line that caught my eye in the story was the following: “Garland, who is a member of the Choctaw Nation but is identified as white by colleagues, was hired by the university…”

Contrast that with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, who is white but is identified as a member of the Cherokee Nation by colleagues at both Penn State and Harvard universities. Of course Penn and Harvard were led to believe this after Professor Warren checked the box claiming she was Native American. Harvard listed Warren as its first “woman of color” on the law staff.
Sen. Warren is regularly touted as a potential candidate for the presidency in 2016.

One final note from the Richard Fernandez’ Belmont Club Blog (June 24): “Speaking at the Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies Pride event held at the State Department, Secretary John Kerry declared, ‘I’m working hard to ensure that by the end of my tenure, we will have lesbian, bisexual and transgender ambassadors in our ranks as well.’”

When President Lincoln decided to name Gen. U.S. Grant as commander of the Union Army in 1864, he was warned that Grant had a tendency to imbibe in distilled spirits.

Lincoln supposedly replied, “Find out what he drinks so I can send a barrel to all my generals.”
What a concept — promote someone merely because they have proven to be competent.

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