Sisters share wedding day

By Emily Crowe

Sisters Katelyn and Emily Aulson have been extremely close their entire lives. Both born and raised in Clovis and both labor and delivery nurses at Plains Regional Medical Center, the sisters got engaged just one month apart and will get married Sunday in a double wedding ceremony.

“To me, there would be no one else I would rather share it with than my sister and best friend,” Katelyn Aulson, 26, said of her wedding day. “It just makes it that more special to me.”

Katelyn Aulson’s fiance Mike Urioste is an electrical engineering major at Eastern New Mexico University and Emily Aulson’s fiance Jake Boazman is an assistant district attorney in Portales.
According to the sisters, their fiances jumped on board as soon as the idea of holding a double wedding was discussed.

“That was what cemented it,” said Katelyn Aulson. “We didn’t want to take anything away from Jake and Mike.”

Emily Aulson, 23, said Boazman and Urioste had even thrown around the idea of taking a joint honeymoon, but the couples eventually decided against it.

“The guys talked about going on a honeymoon together because they thought we might be kind of boring,” she said.

For Emily, her favorite part of the process has been letting her sister, with the help of their other two sisters and their mother, take the reins on putting together their big day.

“I am not a planner,” she said. “So they’ve done it all for me. They asked for my input, but they’ve really done everything. It’s been amazing.”

Although there were a few minor setbacks with things falling through at the last minute, Katelyn Aulson said planning the wedding has gone relatively smoothly.

“My mother has been a wonderful asset in the planning process,” she said, “and my other two sisters. They’ve alleviated a lot of the stress.”