Meetings watch: Curry County Commission

CNJ Staff

Curry County Commissioners plan to start with an executive session when they meet 9 a.m. Tuesday at Clovis Carver Public Library north annex.

The executive session is a closed-door meeting to discuss pending and threatened litigation, according to the final agenda. Commissioners plan to reconvene in public after the executive session to consider nine items on the action agenda:

• A request from Commissioner Wendell Bostwick for the county to issue a letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service providing additional scientific data on the lesser prairie chicken.

• A request to apply for $50,000 funding to update the county comprehensive plan.

• A request to approve an immigration detention policy.

• Appointing a committee to work with Cannon Air Force Base and Military Base Planning for acquisition of real estate.

• A request to approve a revised community custody program at the jail.

• A request to approve disposal of obsolete county assets.

• A request for a vote on the events center and fairgrounds operating budget.

• A request from County Manager Lance Pyle to declare a fire danger emergency banning most open fires in the county.

• A request for direction on a March 4 proposal by Commissioner Robert Sandoval to enact a health and safety ordinance to enforce cleaning up cluttered private property.