Clovis couple issues apology

By Robin Fornoff

A Clovis couple is admitting they stole millions of dollars from the Air Force and is apologizing to the community as part of a federal judge’s order.

In their letter of apology, Donald and Sherri Brewer said they created a sham company — Enterprise and Deployment LLC — in San Antonio, Texas, to steer cabling and computer contracts that resulted in “$6.4 million being stolen from the American taxpayers.”

They also admit using $3.2 million of the stolen money to purchase airplanes, cars, houses and to invest in a Jeep dealership and the S&S Supermarket in Clovis.Clovis-Apology

“We deeply regret and apologize for all of these acts,” the Brewers wrote, “and for the embarrassment, heartache, and loss of trust that these acts of thieving have caused our family, friends, and the American people.”

The letter is printed as a paid advertisement on page four in today’s Clovis News Journal.

The Brewers, both 64, were ordered by U.S. District Judge Fred Biery to apologize to Clovis through the local newspaper, according to court records.

Biery’s unusual order was part of sentencing for the Brewers, convicted by a federal jury in April 2013 of 16 counts of conspiracy to defraud, wire fraud and major fraud.

“A federal judge ordered the Brewers to publish a letter of apology, not the Clovis News Journal,” said newspaper Publisher Ray Sullivan.

“Since he told them the letter could not be changed once he approved the wording, we declined to run it as a free letter. We require that letters be subject to our editing standards. We refuse to publish any letter that we are told cannot be edited.

“As a public service, however, we agreed to print the apology as a paid ad because it meets our standards for fairness and libel. It runs in today’s paper as it was submitted.”

At sentencing, Biery noted he was ordering the apology to spare the couple prison time. Lawyers for the pair pleaded that Donald Brewer is bound to a wheelchair from a flying accident and totally dependent on his wife for everyday needs.

Last July, Biery rejected their first draft and ordered them to rewrite the apology. The judge approved the latest letter Feb. 12.

In addition to stealing, the couple admitted Donald Brewer lied on his resume and Sherri Brewer lied to federal officers about her employment history.

“Donald Brewer lied … about having a bachelors and masters degree from the University of New Mexico,” the couple wrote. “Donald never attended UNM.

“Sherri never worked in a grocery store, though she represented the $7,000.00 a month she received as ‘retirement’ income from the (S&S) store. Sherri lied about not being employed when, in fact, she was actively working for EDI and collecting large sums of salary from EDI.”

The Brewers conclude with, “We have lied, cheated, and stolen from you and will spend the rest of our lives doing whatever is humanly possible to make amends for these acts of betrayal.”

The couple was also required to pay restitution, and stripped of all assets and equities except for one automobile, records show.