Water major concern for Texico candidates

CMI staff

Water, water, water is the one issue all three candidates cite in the one contested race in Texico’s municipal election.

Oran Autrey met the deadline for filing as a candidate for one of two at-large council seats. Latecomers Max Carter and Josh Scioli are running as write-in candidates, though their names won’t appear on the ballot.

Carter said he entered the race as a write-in after learning only one candidate — Autrey — filed. Carter said he believes he can help Texico grow and he wants to see improvements in water systems.

Autrey, who is in the construction business, said completing the wastewater treatment plant is one of his top priorities. Another goal is getting more state funding to pay for water improvements.

Scioli, a motor transportation inspector and volunteer firefighter, also cites the need to improve water and sewer systems in Texico. He also wants a swimming pool in the summer that children could use.

Carter said he would work to look for programs to update water and other vital city utility services. He would also push for economic development, he said, looking for ways to attract more business to Texico.