Melrose mayor — Q&A

Races for mayor and village council are contested in the Melrose municipal election. Each candidate was asked three questions. The questions and candidate responses:


Tuck Monk

Q Why are you seeking this office?

A I love Melrose, I was born here, and it’s always been my hometown. I served on the village council for six years, and have been mayor for four years. Melrose has come a long way with the help of a good village council. We have satisfied the (Environmental Protection Agency) with our new wastewater plant. Now we have started putting in new water lines. We received $100,000 in capital outlay, and we got a $400,000 … grant, and we got another $50,000 grant to complete phase one (of three phases), to rebuild the water system. Last year we replaced 3,000 feet of old pipe. We purchased a newer backhoe, new hydrovac, paid off a $115,832 loan, all with no help from the state. Melrose is out of debt and in the best financial shape ever. I would like to see these projects to fruition, and continue working to improve Melrose.

Q What do you believe are the major issues facing Melrose in the next four years?

A Water is the most pressing need, not only for Melrose, but for the whole state. That is why I have worked for four years to rebuild our water system. It is important not only for health reasons, but also for fire protection. Other major issues are streets, cleaning up Melrose, and attracting new businesses.

Q What goals have you set to accomplish if elected, and what will you do to see they are accomplished?

A My goals are to get all of our old water lines replaced.

The preliminary engineering is completed for phases two and three, so I will apply for grants to complete this project. Some of our streets need resurfacing, so I want to get that done. Also, I am trying to get the funds for an emergency warning system in case of storms or fires. I also want to continue to work with property owners to clean up property and old buildings, to show we have pride in, and are proud of our town. Then maybe we can attract new businesses. No one wants to start a new business in a town that is not kept up and clean. These goals are achievable with a mayor and council (such as I have had the last four years) working together to improve Melrose.

Q What are your plans for improving recreational facilities for citizens of Melrose?

A We are presently working with a group of citizens to establish a new park. We will work on any worthy projects brought to our attention, depending on finances and needs.


Donald Harrell did not respond.