Bible says God will meet all your needs

Want to hear a true heartwarming story?

A young couple wanted a swing set for their four little children. Each month they set aside a small amount of money to save for the swings.

Yet, huge medical bills took most of their monthly income after the necessities were bought. The couple’s youngest child was born with a serious birth detect. After paying for four surgeries and with one more yet to go, no relief from money issues was in sight.

The mother tired daily to take her children to the park close to their home so they could play on the equipment there. Yet, circumstances were not always optimal: The baby was asleep, the weather didn’t cooperate, or one of the children was sick.

She thought, “If I could find some used swings that we could afford, the kids could have a safe and convenient place here at home to play.”

But she was beginning to get discouraged even though God had proven faithful over and over again. Both of these young parents had called on God in their moment of despair when they realized their baby was facing severe medical challenges. In this mother’s mind, God was there for the “big stuff.” But the swing set … that was just not in the picture right now.

One Wednesday, the couple’s church care team had an assignment. Mr. Thurman, an elderly man in their church, was recovering from a heart bypass operation. The young couples’ care group was providing food to the Thurmans for the week.

The mother made a hash brown casserole to deliver to them. She put her children in their car seats and headed for the elderly couple’s house. After a short drive, she arrived at the Thurmans. Carrying the baby in one arm and the hash brown casserole in the other hand, the mother led her three children up to the front door to deliver the food.

One of the children rang the doorbell. Mrs. Thurman answered the door.

“We are delivering part of your meal tonight,” said the young mother. “I hope your husband is feeling better.”

“Oh thank you dear,” said Mrs. Thurman. “Everyone has been so supportive and we appreciate all the kindness of the young couple’s class.”

The mom and Mrs. Thurman exchanged a few more words and Mrs. Thurman commented on how cute the children were.

The mother turned to leave when Mrs. Thurman stopped her.

“By the way … would you have any need for a swing set?” We bought it for our grandchildren and they are all grown and it needs to be put to use. It is really a nice one. Do you want to see it?”

Stunned, she followed Mrs. Thurman through the house and to the back patio door. Mrs. Thurman opened the curtains and there it was: A large wooden play set with swings, ladder, fort, tire on a rope swing, slide and attached sand box!

“How much are you asking for it,” the young mother said. Maybe I can use the installment plan, she thought to herself.

“The swings are yours! Take them and enjoy them. We are thrilled to see a young family use them!” replied Mrs. Thurman with a gleam in her eye.

On Friday afternoon, her husband took a pickup over, the set was dismantled, taken to their house, put together again and by Saturday afternoon, the kids were playing on a amazing swing set in their own backyard.

Does God care about our needs? Or only the big requests?

The Bible says, “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19) I read that with emphasis on the all.


Judy Brandon is a Clovis resident. Contact her at: