Prairie dogs erode, don’t restore

I found Wednesday’s CNJ article about prairie dog removal interesting and informative, until I got to the last paragraph, where Trent Botkin says, “There’s a demand for both getting prairie dogs out of places that are no longer their natural habitats, and a demand for people who are looking for prairie dogs to restore grass in ecosystems, ….”

I have never seen prairie dogs restore grass to a habitat. I have been around prairie dogs most of my life. I have worked for the Natural Resource Conservation Service. I am farmer. I have a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and I have witnessed more erosion from the prairie dogs than restoration.

Botkin has only been in the business for a few short years.

I just don’t want your readers to be misinformed about prairie dogs improving grass production.

Jim Riding



To deny SNAP to needy cruel

The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), referred to as Food Stamps, is under attack by conservatives, but then so is everything else that is designed to assist those in need.

The food stamp program grew from 26 million in 2007 to 48 million in 2009. The conservatives jumped on this and portrayed it as a runaway government program under Obama.

Multiple careful economic studies show that the economic downturn explains the bulk of the increase.

The bulk of the food stamp recipients are children and the elderly.

Conservatives say the economy is recovering but food stamps have not decreased. From 2009 until 2012 the top 1 percent income  rose 31 percent, the bottom 40 percent fell 6 percent. The top 1 percent don’t get a lot of food stamps.

Subsidies were increased in the farm program while food stamps were being cut.

Studies have been conducted of adults that received food stamps as children and compared to those who did not receive food stamps.

They were found to be healthier,  better educated, more affluent, more stable, responsible citizens.  Conversely those who needed food stamps but did not get them had more health problems, less education, more criminal problems, less stable home life and more of a drag on society.

Food stamps don’t cost, they pay.

Anyone that thinks they are saving money by cutting down on food stamps cannot see past their hood ornament.

Denying food stamps to a person who has lost their job and is hard pressed to meet their basic needs  is the cruelest thing I can think of and the most stupid thing for a public official to consider.

The food stamp program of conservatives is similar to the Malthusian doctrine of the labor market to “work or starve” and accept whatever wages are offered.

Leon Logan