Meetings watch: Curry County Commission

Curry County Commissioners will get an update on county investments from financial advisor Rob Burpo Tuesday when they meet 9 a.m. Tuesday at the Clovis-Carver Library north annex.

There is no action agenda. A tour of the jail and juvenile detention center is scheduled to take place after the meeting is adjourned.

The consent agenda has four items awaiting action by commissioners:

• A request to approve La Casa Family Health Center’s bid to operate the Clovis Health Clinic and proceed with contract negotiations.

• A request to approve a 60-day contract expansion with Swanson Services Corporation for inmate commissary services.

• A request from Plateau for boring and road cut permits to install fiber optic cable on Curry Road 13 between Curry Roads G and D.

• A request from Do-Rene Dairy for boring and road cut permits for installation of an irrigation water line on Curry Road N between Curry Roads 5 and 6.

The jail and juvenile detention center tours by commissioners are statutory requirements — they must do a walk-through of both facilities at least twice a year, according to County Manager Lance Pyle.

Pyle said because of security and safety issues, participation in the tour by the media and the public may be limited. He said if anyone is turned away, “we will schedule them for a tour at a later date.”