City Commission has final say over top 5 ICIP projects

CNJ staff

City officials met Thursday to receive input on the Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan, but no one showed up to give input, according to Garry Johnson, city grant writer,

The plan, known as an ICIP, is a document submitted to the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, outlining a municipality’s top five projects of $15,000 or more that will require a combination of local, state and/or federal dollars.

Johnson said the ICIP “is like a wish list” for city projects that need funding.

Johnson said, so far, the plan has not changed from last year, the city commissioners have the final say on what the ranking of the projects will be. The ICIP will go before commissioners for approval on Sept. 19.

The 2012 ICIP top 5 ranked projects are as follows:


         Project                                       YTD funding                               Total Project cost

1. Effluent Reuse System                                   $5.8 million                                                         $17.9 million

2. Seventh Street Improvements                                      0                                                            $5.5 million

3. Wilhite Street Improvements                        $250,000                                                               $5 million

4. Airport Water System Improvements   $1.01 million                                                           $1.8 million

5. Construct Ute Water Pipeline                    $16.6 million                                                          $219 million