After death, life explained quite well

Wendel Sloan

Nancy Gentry recently reminded me of a tribute I wrote after legendary Portales resident Dallan Sanders, 60, passed away on Sept. 2, 1999, following neck surgery in Albuquerque. Spookily, due to a glitch, I received my final email from Dallan, titled “The Explanation of Life,” the day after he died. He wrote, “The surgery is [...]

New Mexicans deserve due process

“What do you guys call Susana Martinez? Governor? Dictator?” Barney barked into my ear. It was my New Jersey friend’s Smirnoff voice, never a good sign. The Pinot Grigio Barney is slightly smoother. The erstwhile curmudgeon has this wrongheaded idea his state is a model of modern democratic eminence while New Mexico is still sitting [...]

Clovis Music Festival kicking off Thursday

By Emily Crowe CNJ staff writer The 26th annual Clovis Music Festival kicks off this week and music lovers are gearing up for a rockin’ good time. Music festival Chairman Randy Petty said he’s been hearing good things from people about this year’s lineup. “Everybody’s excited that we’re doing something a little different,” he [...]

Official: Jail kitchen remodel in final stages


By Kevin Baird CNJ staff writer The kitchen remodeling project at the Curry County jail is in its final stages, and the kitchen will be ready to operate pending an inspection from a state fire marshall on Tuesday, according to Two Horse Construction President Wayne Petner. “If everything goes well,” said County Manager Lance [...]

Residents weigh in on same-sex marriage

By Kevin Baird and Emily Crowe CNJ staff writers Same-sex marriage has become a hot topic in New Mexico in recent weeks with several county clerks throughout the state issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, while others remain vehemently opposed to doing so. “I am not afraid to say that Curry County is not going [...]

Q&A: Great White vocalist promises to give 100 percent


Much like another Clovis Music Festival headliner, Jack Russell has the Beatles to thank for his career in music. Though his band, Great White, has seen several different lineups throughout the years, Russell is the band’s original vocalist and promises to give his fans 100 percent at every performance. The late ’80s and early ’90s [...]

Public officials have no authority on marriage

The gay marriage issue has divided friends and neighbors, Christians and non-believers across the nation and around town. Despite the differences, most of us can at least agree on this much: It’s none of government’s business. New Mexico’s county clerks last week asked the courts to decide on whether they should issue marriage licenses to [...]

Hunting season opens

CNJ staff Hunting season is upon us with today serving as opening day for deer, elk, squirrels, doves, grouse and band-tailed pigeons in New Mexico, according to a NM Department of Game and Fish news release. Hunters are urged to stress safety in the field, especially during archery seasons when hunters commonly are dressed in [...]

Meetings watch: Curry County Commission

Curry County commissioners meet 9 a.m. on Tuesday at the north annex of the Clovis-Carver Public Library to consider the following: • Discussion and action concerning the DWI vehicle forfeiture ordinance. The ordinance calls for seizure of repeat DWI offender’s vehicles upon arrest or conviction. In June Frank Blackburn offered a motion to repeal the [...]

The president’s “secret school”

Grant McGee

The President graduated from the same high school as my brother. In our family it’s no big deal; my sister went there too. This was all back when our dad had a job in Hawai’i. They tested me to see if I’d be attending classes there but they wanted to set me back a grade, [...]