Letters to the Editor: Additional jail will just multiply problems

I would like to address two issues concerning Clovis and Curry County.

First, Curry County voters are once again tasked with another jail bond election. County officials are trying to persuade voters to approve this issue without any definitive plan.

Sure there are problems with our current jail, but building an additional jail will multiply these problems by two.

Seems to me the problem lies with our county manager and county commission. How many lawsuits have been settled or are pending due to their constant interference? With our history, it will be nearly impossible to hire a qualified jail administrator.

The county needs to explore privatizing our jails. We need folks that handle these facilities on a daily basis. I urge county residents to vote against the proposed jail bond issue on Aug. 6.

Secondly, I would like to applaud Clovis Mayor David Lansford for seeking an independent investigation in to the failed Beauty Health and Science Innovations deal.

The citizens of Clovis deserve to know all the facts.

Once completed and released to the public, other investigations need to be pursued regarding Hotel Clovis, the Colonial golf course, the Youth Recreation Building and splash park.

The city commission has acted irresponsibly in the past and many Clovis citizens have lost confidence in their abilities.

The people of Clovis deserve a full accountability of how funds have been spent.

W.C. Cox


 City not big enough to justify two jails

I am reading the old jail is in dire condition and costs are exorbitant to repair.

Now there is the possibility of a new jail.

But oh, let’s go ahead and use the old jail also.

Where will the money come from?

We need a jail, just not two of them. Clovis is not that big.

Collene Baldwin

 Lack of management, personnel main issue

I usually support what the Curry County commissioners think the county wants and needs. They were elected by the citizens of the county, and we should support them most of the time.

But this jail bond is something I cannot support.

I also think whoever is in charge of the personnel for the county does not have a clue how to hire or let go of their personnel.

I believe that until the county gets somebody in personnel that knows what they are doing, we cannot afford a new jail.

Some have said the time is now, but the current jail has staff openings it cannot fill. If the county cannot hire enough staff for the jail now, how can it hire enough for a new jail?

Don Cross