Weed complaints up since rain

CNJ staff

Mother Nature provided a much-needed dose of rain over the past several weeks, but the wet weather has caused an uptick in weed complaints for the city’s code compliance office.

Supervisor Marcus Brice had already received about a dozen calls for weed complaints by mid-day Monday.

“With each one of those, we find 20, 30 or 40 more violations,” he said.

According to Brice, city code states that property owners must not allow weed growth greater than 12 inches on any lot in the city, whether the property is vacant or occupied.

If a property owner refuses to comply with a citation, the city can file a citation in municipal court and can also collect the costs and expenses incurred by correcting the violations with a $100 charge per occurrence.

Brice said he and three other officers are in charge of code compliance, and while it can be difficult to put notices on the door of every home in violation, property owners will at least receive a notice in the mail.

“Every year we send notices to a lot of the same people over and over and over,” he said. “A lot of times they won’t do anything until they get a letter from the city.”

One of the biggest issues officers have seen has been overgrown weeds in alleyways.

“People are responsible from the curb line in front of the house to the center of the alley if they have an alley,” Brice said. “They’re responsible to maintain their property whether they live there or not.”

City code can be found on the City of Clovis website under the City Government tab on the main page: www.cityofclovis.org