On the shelves — June 30

The following books are available at:

Clovis-Carver Public Library

“First Words: A Parent’s Step-by-Step Guide to Helping a Child with Speech and Language Delays” by Barbara Offenbacher provides tools, information, and helpful day-to-day strategies to help parents supplement professional therapy and stimulate their child’s communication skills.

“Prescription for Murder” by Jessica Fletcher brings the celebrated mystery writer to Tampa, Fla., where a renowned physician working on a cure for Alzheimer’s disease is murdered at a party in his own home, sending Jessica and her friend Dr. Seth Hazlitt on a search for a killer.

“Ninja: 1000 Years of the Shadow Warrior” by John Man unravels the authentic history of the legendary Japanese masters of stealth warfare whose skills as assassins and spies from Feudal Japan to the modern day still capture our imagination.

“Damascus Count Down” by Joel Rosenberg centers on CIA operative David Shirazi who has infiltrated the Iranian regime and learns that two nuclear warheads have been moved to a secure and undisclosed location where they may ignite the most cataclysmic event in the history of the Middle East.

“The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail — But Some Don’t” by Nate Silver examines the world of prediction, investigating how we can make better decisions in the present by learning to distinguish a true signal from a universe of noisy, inaccurate forecasts that lack real substance.

“Leaving Everything Most Loved: A Maisie Dobbs Novel” by Jacqueline Winspear captures the time and place of 1930’s London as Maisie, a compassionate and intuitive private investigator trained in psychology, takes the case of an Indian immigrant who turns to her after his sister was murdered and Scotland Yard failed to conduct a full and thorough investigation.

“Gone at 3:17: The Untold Story of the Worst School Disaster in American History” by David Brown chronicles the chain of events that led to a gas explosion that demolished a Texas school and took the lives of more than 300 students and teachers, and the immediate acts of heroism and courage of ordinary people in crisis.


Portales Public Library

“The Feros” by Wesley King

The five friends are back again, stronger than ever, and with a new name: the Feros. James, Hayden, Sam, Emily and Lana are ambushed and arrested by a group of rogue Heroes and the only person that can clear their name is the League’s leader, Thuderbold-but he’s gone missing! With nobody left to trust, the Feros manage to escape capture. Have the Vindico managed to escape the Perch? Or are they fighting a new enemy that they can’t see?

“Hooray for Bread” by Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman

Presents a day in the life of a loaf of bread that is baked early in the morning and enjoyed slice by slice by the baker and his wife as well as their son, a dog, ducks, fish, birds, and finally a tiny mouse that nibbles up the last crumbs.

“Spell it Out” by David Crystal

The author explains the way the spelling system was made more complex through the influence of French, Latin, and other languages, plots the origins of American English spelling, and investigates the continuing impact of technology, from printing to the Internet.