Police: Burglary reports dropping off

By Emily Crowe
After a string of burglaries affected several Clovis neighborhoods last month, the number of breaking and entering reports has leveled off, according to reports from the Clovis Police Department.
The city’s virtual crime reports map detailed 49 calls for breaking and entering violations between May 6 and May 19, with 24 of those calls being for auto break-ins.
Captain Patrick Whitney said the department arrested two 19-year-old men for multiple counts of burglary in connection with the May break-ins.
“These are obviously not the only people out there committing burglaries in Clovis,” Whitney said. “So there are ongoing investigations into other burglary cases.”
According to CPD, there were 59 reports of breaking and entering between May 19 and June 9. Auto break-ins for those dates totaled 22.
This is a decrease of approximately five reports per week from the previous two-week span between May 6 and May 19.
Whitney attributes the downswing in the number of reported burglaries to the arrests of suspects and interviews of other suspects possibly involved in different cases.
“Officers focusing directed patrols in areas that have seen high volumes of breaking and entering or burglary reports has (also) been a part of driving down the numbers,” said Whitney.
Whitney said Clovis residents should continue to be vigilant about locking car doors and not leaving valuables in a vehicle overnight.
“Do not leave garage doors open at night, even cracked for your cat to come in and out,” Whitney cautioned. “Burglars can also come in this way.”

Fast facts
Capt. Whitney recommends taking the following precautions when it comes to keeping your home safe from potential burglars:

  • Report suspicious people in your neighborhood that you have not seen before doing things like looking in back or side yards or windows of homes or trying car doors to see if they are open.
  • Organize your neighbors into a watch group with the help of the Community Relations Officer Daron Roach to set up a Neighborhood Watch Program. Officer Roach can be reached at 763-9427.