Intentions of city officials perplexing

Concerning the March 8 article headlined "Watchdog: City letter inappropropriate."

Was it Ignorance, greed or sucking up to the governor? I don't know and I don't care. But I am getting a little tired of officials, including law enforcement, going along party lines and refusing to crack down on gun laws.

I don't own a gun or care for one. The only request I have of gun owners is to keep the guns locked up when not in use.

I am also tired of people using the second amendment to justify high-powered automatic gun ownership.

Who needs an AR-16? Are you going hunting with one?

Who needs more than a few rounds to protect yourself?

I am retired Air Force and am depending on the brave men and women of the armed forces to protect me and our country (since I can't depend on some local/county law enforcement).

I am shaking my head as to why law enforcement would not want high powered/unregistered weapons off the streets. I would gladly pay an additional tax to raise the $400,000 revenue lost in gun shows.

Bottom line, I probably would not have gone to an open meeting on this issue, but I will be going to vote.

Homero Pena


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