Blurry line between rights and priviledges

Regarding thieves, killers and other criminals in our local jail:

These people should not have comfortable living situations with three meals a day while sitting on their butts.

Why don't we, as Roosevelt County taxpayers, make these bums work and make them stay in tents with barbed wire?

As a Republican and a voter, why should we allow these thieves and drug pushers to have a free, comfortable place to stay?

Our country is in bad enough shape without having to pay for decent prisons and jail cells for common crooks and killers.

Hearing about the things stolen from Portales residents recently brought me to a rage.

Why should our taxes pay for lawbreakers to sit in comfortable cells and do nothing but sit and watch TV and get free food?

Why should honest, hard-working Americans pay taxes to benefit common criminals?

Why can't these bums provide free labor around Portales and Clovis to pay for their clothing, housing and health care?

I am sure I can find them plenty of work to do for our decent, true American counties in eastern New Mexico and I am sure I can make them work hard for committing crimes.

They might never want to commit a crime again if they have to work for what they receive in jail.

I am preparing to write a letter to my representatives in Washington and Santa Fe and to the governor's office to see if we can make lawbreakers work to pay for the crimes they've committed against the people of New Mexico.

This is just my opinion, but I believe it should be law.

Stephen Burke


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