Citizens envision Clovis future

A large crowd of Clovis residents showed up Thursday night at the Clovis Civic Center to share their visions for the future of Clovis.

Kathie Novak, a former elected official and president of the National League of Cities, led the meeting. She encouraged participants to check their hats at the door, own their ideas, be candid, be honest, and have fun.

Novak asked the participants to envision Clovis in 10 years, to picture how they want it to be.

Participants discussed their answers among a group at their table and wrote their answers on index cards. Participants were encouraged to move to another table to meet new people and share new ideas.

Some ideas that were discussed and suggested by meeting attendees include

  • Continue to improve drainage problems
  • Bring wind and solar energy to Clovis
  • Add lots of small parks throughout the city
  • Demolish abandoned buildings and put the space to use
  • Create a community theater program
  • Bring entertainment businesses such as laser tag and video arcades to Clovis
  • Get the Hispanic community involved in city affairs
  • Add stop signs to intersections that need them
  • Maintain infrastructure before problem areas become a larger problem

Novak has been contracted by the city to compile all the data collected from Thursday night's meeting and present it to the city commission before the strategic planning meeting on March 28. A document will then be created from the data and shared at the strategic planning meeting.

"I am really excited about the public input this evening," said Claire Burroughes, the city's legislative and community development director. "It is wonderful to see such a large group of people representing so many different areas of the community coming together to help the city move forward in a positive direction."

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