Meetings watch: Clovis Municipal Schools Board of Education, Feb. 26

This is supplemental report from Tuesday's Clovis Municipal Schools Board of Education:

  • The board approved a resolution and proclamation for a special school district general obligation bond election. The board has determined that a special school district general obligation bond election shall be held May 7 and that a resolution and proclamation of the election shall be issued by the board.
  • The board approved a request to travel for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America — Yucca Middle School, Clovis High School, Clovis High School Freshman Academy — to attend the FCCLA state conference March 6-9 in Albuquerque. Twenty-three students will attend the conference.
  • The board approved revisions to board policy J-4850-student suspension and expulsion. Revisions will be made to clean up the existing policy but no changes will be made to the policy.
  • The board approved a memorandum of agreement with city of Clovis. The city recently replaced a water well used for watering the high school softball field and Mike Harris Field. Sand problems with the well have required CMS officials to install a filtration and separation unit on the existing well.

The cost of the well is estimated at $12,000. CMS and city officials have agreed to share the cost of the purchase and installation of the filtration and separation system. Both parties have agreed to share the water and electricity charges for the softball complex and Mike Harris Field.

  • The board introduced revisions to the board policy G-3600-master's degree requirement. Beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, all currently contracted licensed employees who are reported on the annual T and E Index must earn a master's degree from a school that is accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting association or the New Mexico Public Education Department before the contract for the 2013-2014 school year is offered by the district.
  • The board approved rescheduling the May board of education meeting to May 21.
  • The board approved canvassed results of the Feb. 5 board of education election.
  • Matthew and Nellie Aragon, expressed concerns about their 5-year-old son, who they say received severe blisters after sitting on a toilet seat at the Lincoln-Jackson Family Center.

The Aragons informed board members that no satisfactory closure has been brought to their son's issue and requested answers. The Aragons also requested an answer to their question of why a copy of the district's investigation was not provided to them.

A board member commented that a lawyer of CMS advised against responding to the Aragons' request but ensured Nellie Aragon her questions would be answered at a later time.

  • Outgoing school board members Max Best and Lola Bryant each received an award for their years of service to Clovis youth. Best has represented Board Member District 1 since 2005. Bryant has represented Board Member District 2 since 2004.

— Compiled by CMI staff writer Benna Sayyed

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