Letters to the Editor: Feb. 28, 2013

Curry County no leader on water usage

What Clovis is doing to Logan and Ute Lake, not to mention Quay County, is a crime. It has decided the water we all enjoy belongs to others and is out to get it, no matter the cost to Logan.

Curry County let all the dairies come in. How many gallons of water does each dairy use?

How many pivots are in use to support the feed needed for all the cows?

And now Clovis wants the water Quay County residents use for recreation and making a living around Ute Lake.

There is money being made in Clovis and Portales, but what is going to happen to the businesses and residents of Logan when all the pipeline is down and running?

I probably won't be around when it does (and I hope it never does), but I'm concerned for my children and future generations.

I would like the people of Quay County to realize that Clovis raised its sales tax to help raise money to build the pipeline to steal the water. Every time a resident of Quay County goes to Clovis and spends money, that tax goes to finance the pipeline. When Quay County residents shop in Clovis, they are cutting their own throats.

I used to enjoy going to Clovis, but now, I go to Amarillo to shop and to the doctors. Clovis does not have the money to pay for the project, so it wants Congress to do it.

It all boils down to Clovis being worried about the amount of water it is drawing from the ground in this long drought.

Why doesn't Clovis just get a line from the Mississippi? That makes about as much sense as stealing the water from Logan.

Larry Hines


For success, we need compromise

Two primary reasons for our country's success has been our desire to seek truth from facts and compromise.

One of the reasons for the transformation of the Chinese economy was the abandoning of the communistic dogma and pursuing a reason-based analysis — seek truth from facts.

The handling of our looming financial crisis is a prime example of a part of our government ignoring facts and sticking with "ideology."

There are numerous examples of austerity being tried to address the financial crisis and all have failed.

The financial crisis was brought on by deregulation of the financial industry. The national debt was primarily the result of tax cuts that mostly benefited the rich and two wars paid for by borrowing and the recession brought on by deregulation.

There are volumes of facts to support this.

What are a number of our leaders proposing to address our financial situation? They are totally ignoring facts.

The solution to grow jobs — tax cuts for the rich and fewer regulations — are exactly what got us here.

The national debt is being used as an excuse to attain a long time goal — eliminating "entitlements."

Analysis by the Congressional Budget Office and economists of all stripes agree that cutting spending with no increase in taxes will not solve our problem, exactly what is being insisted upon by a faction of our Congress. Adopting austerity to address our situation is condoned by only one group — politicians.

Again, economists, CBO and facts refute it.

A critical factor in the success of our country is compromise.

Simply put, democracy cannot survive without compromise.

Compromise should be based on facts, not ideology.

Leon Logan


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