Freezing paper money could stop drug issues

I am urging the federal government to bring an end to the drug problem in our nation. The present solution is not working.

I believe I have a good suggestion: If only the federal government would freeze all American money for a specified amount of time, issuing everyone some type of credit card to conduct day-to-day transactions.

You would not see drug dealers accepting credit cards for drugs on the street.

Credit cards would also create a paper trail that most drug dealers avoid.

The first and most important function of our government is to protect the citizens.

Many times the difference between life and death in a drug-related case can be as insignificant as one small change.

The reports on drug use and abuse in this country are extremely troubling. Drug-related homicides are occurring every day; these deaths can be prevented.

If the problem stems from money, then take money out of the equation and make it harder to use.

Freezing paper money and using electronic money would help solve the drug problem.

Wouldn't it be nice to see a solution instead of an increase in drug-related crime?

Raymond Samora

Fort Sumner

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