Curry inmates moved to allow for jail staff training

The Curry County Adult Detention Center has moved 51 inmates to Roosevelt and Bailey County facilities, with expectations they may be gone for up to 90 days.

The move, jail Administrator Gerry Billy said, is for a training exercise for new and current employees of the facility.

"In effect," Billy said, "we're going to be dividing our staff in half, cutting down on the number of inmates they're responsible for to give them time to attend the basic corrections academy."

The prisoners were moved beginning Thursday to Bailey County and Roosevelt County facilities — 29 to Roosevelt County and 22 to Bailey County.

Assuming all inmates are gone for 90 days, the cost would be $223,010, based on daily charges of $32 at Bailey County and $65 at Roosevelt County. But Billy did note that some inmates could have sentences expiring and some inmates will be moved back to Curry County with another inmate sent out in their place.

The arrangement left Monday's CCADC population at 165 inmates.

The CCADC already had 16 inmates in the two facilities due to protective custody designation, which includes informants and inmates with gang affiliations. That split was 11 in Roosevelt County and five in Bailey County. Those inmates will remain in their facilities.

Additionally, a contempt hearing scheduled for Friday was canceled, District Judge Teddy Hartley said. The issue was resolved with a meeting, "between everybody concerned," Hartley said. The issue was a contention from Hartley that Billy was not complying with a directive to have inmates returned to Clovis 24 to 48 hours prior to hearings, to give defense attorneys time to consult with clients.

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