Public Prayer, worth the fight

I would simply thank you for Karl Terry's "Parents should lead prayers," column on Sunday, but his turnaround near the end bothers me.

First, he says the devil hasn't won in the matter of the ban on coach-led prayer in Portales' city league. Later, he slacks off by saying the Bible tells us to submit to the laws of the land, as if we may lose our right to public prayer in the present controversy.

If we want to go so far as to call something the law of the land, let us reference back to the founding fathers who counted freedom of speech as one of the "inalienable rights."

No matter what ordinances are made, freedom of speech is a naturally human need, enough that it is called a "right."

In the United States, most prayers are at the least essentially Christian in content and the tradition of the country is Christian. The league director and advising city attorney are, therefore, attacking the rights of Christians as a group or Christianity as a religion no matter what they say about the mixed ethnic and religious backgrounds of players being a factor.

All somebody in authority has to do is play to the politically correct gallery with a few vague and flimsy excuses and Christians who should know better forget this is a spiritual war that demands some kind of fight.

Jesus said openly the price we have to pay is to give up the "world" in the second half of Mark chapter 8, ending with verse 38: "Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation: Of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed when he cometh in the glory of the Father with the holy angels."

Esther Thompson


Welfare Manipulates people's mindset

I disagree with Gov. Romney on one aspect of his 47 percent speech. I believe a portion of that 47 percent might change their vote if they understood how the Obama administration is using the welfare programs to control them.

By encouraging more and more people to go on welfare, they are destroying these people's ambition and dreams to better their lives and replacing it with resignation, dependency and defeat.

Why do you think Obama wants people in this mindset? It's called control and manipulation.

He is buying votes.

Shirley Terrill


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