McGee: Damaged building piques curiosity

A few weeks ago The Lady of the House and I were leaving a church rummage sale when something across the street caught my eye: A nice fence had a gaping hole in it. It looked like some vehicle had rocketed off the road, then smashed the fence and the storage building behind it. "Wow," […]

In Search of Ponies: Toads ingrained in New Mexico

Walking outside after the sun goes down they scatter before you like proverbial cockroaches under a light. Such was the case when I killed my first. Stepping down from the edge of the porch, I was in mid-motion when I saw it sitting there directly under my lowering shoe. Carrying a full water dish at […]

Farmers seeing crops stunted by weather

Don Wiley hopped onto his shovel, slicing into the dry ground around a garlic bulb, which he plucked and threw behind him. CMI staff photo: Gabriel Monte Curry County farmer Don Wiley holds up bulbs of garlic he grew in his farm. Wiley said harsh weather has stunted his crops. In a good year the […]

Police: Homicide witness assaulted in jail

A witness in a homicide case was assaulted and injured Wednesday by the suspect in the same case after the two were mistakenly placed in the same pod of cells at the Curry County Adult Detention Center, Administrator Gerry Billy confirmed Thursday. Officials said Jaime Perez was taken to Plains Regional Medical Center for treatment […]

Clovis man sentenced for drug trafficking

A 41-year-old Clovis man was sentenced Wednesday to seven years in prison for drug trafficking, according to a press release from the district attorney's office. According to the release: Ramon Chavez-Hernandez was found guilty by a jury in March of trafficking cocaine. He also pleaded guilty Wednesday to a separate charge of trafficking methamphetamine. The […]

Local reactions to health care ruling mixed

La Casa Family Health Center CEO Seferino Montano declared Thursday a victory in health care reform. Rep. Stuart Ingle, R-New Mexico, said President Barack Obama's health care bill will not help the current health care system. Seferino and Ingle were two of many who expressed mixed reactions to the Supreme Court's historic ruling to uphold […]

Religion column: Jesus leads us safely through dark times

Many in our community are doing through dark times. Tragic accidents come, sickness descends once again on those we love and our hearts are grieving and saddened. Yet, through the storms and dark times of our lives, Jesus is our hope and our light. The following story best illustrates that spiritual concept. Years ago, our […]

amos the churchmouse: the great trumpage gamer

amos the churchmouse:a view from under the pew Editor's note: Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can't operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks – except hyphens and dashes. the great trumpage gamer boss i went by tommy tarantula s house the other day and […]

No one should meddle in our lives

When I defend liberty I constantly get accused of condoning all sorts of things I don't condone. Rather than "condoning" them, I realize that those things are simply none of my business; not mine to approve or condemn. Nor are they anyone else's business, either. Recently a fellow libertarian posted a comment on Facebook that […]

Editorial: Let’s stop swindling disabled vets

A fter years of dedicated service to their country, some mentally disabled military veterans who need help managing their finances are getting shortchanged by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Too many have fallen victim to fiduciaries the U.S. government appointed to act in their best interest when the veterans are considered incapable of managing […]