amos the churchmouse: the great trumpage gamer

amos the churchmouse:a view from under the pew

Editor's note: Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can't operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks – except hyphens and dashes.

the great trumpage gamer

boss i went by tommy

tarantula s house the other

day and he hardly spoke

to me i was a little

miffed so i says to him

why aren t you speaking

to me do you think you re

some sort of celebrity

at first he still didn t

answer me then says he

can t talk – playing trumpage

what s trumpage

says me to he

it s a game now leave

says he

okay fine says me

rather grumpily and off i went to pester

somebody else in the

church pew underworld

the next day boss i found

tommy tarantula still

playing trumpage

can you talk to me today

says me

no says he

why not says me don t you

want to be friendly

that doesn t matter says he

the only thing that matters

is victory to win at

trumpage is everything

my goal is to be the

trumpage king

who cares says me

trumpage is insanity

in the grand scheme of

life trumpage is nothing

get away from that

gameboard and do something

talk to people kiss baby

toads shake paws

around the neighborhood

do anything do something

no says he adamantly

trumpage is the essence

of life itself and winning

it means mastery of the

soul and self

winning trumpage is the key

to fame wisdom and prosperity

it doesn t matter how

you win just as long as

you win nothing else can

take its place everything

else is just a waste

you sound like some

coaches and politicians

i know says me

have you ever thought

about what you re saying

so indiscriminately

sure i have and it s true

so go away and let

me win another

game or two

or else i ll take my

trumpage laser and shred

you through and through

boss it wasn t long before

the whole church pew

underworld was buzzing

about tommy s addiction

to winning trumpage day in

and day out

no one could converse with

him he would only shout

soon all his former friends

shunned him

from their lives they just shut

him out it wasn t that he was

banned from the clan

he simply ostracized himself

and one day when he collapsed

in weariness from his winning

plays tommy looked around

to find only loneliness this way

and that filling his moments

from day to day

no friends no fellowship

no one seemed to care

tommy wasted away

wondering why there was

no one to share

his trumpage victories or his

lifetime of misery

sometimes boss it s just

like jesus said

you may win the

world of trumpage

but lose your

joy and soul

in the end


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