Triple-digit heat scorches area

Some Portales and Clovis residents enjoyed cool treats to beat the triple-digit heat Tuesday, others say they're used to the hot temperatures in the summer.

CNJ staff photo: Tony Bullocks

Assistant Zoo Director Mark Yannotti sprays Rek, a young raven, with cold water Tuesday at the Hillcrest Park Zoo to aid in cooling him off. The high in Clovis for Tuesday was 101 degrees and today's high temperature is expected to be 102, according to

Steve Garcia of Portales used his day off from his concrete work to feed the dogs and clean up. He said he drank water but didn't do much else to cope with the blazing heat.

"It ain't that bad, I like it hot," Garcia said about the warmer weather.

Garcia and other residents in Portales endured hot temperatures Tuesday that reached a record-tying 106 degrees. The previous record for June 26 was set in 1924, according to Clovis experienced a high of 102.

According to Accuweather, both cities can expect to see triple-digit weather until Saturday.

Lupe Patton of Clovis prefers to stay in the house and eat popsicles when it gets unbearable to be outside. She said sometimes she likes to take cold showers to keep cool.

City officials said the weather has had less of an impact than most would expect.

Public Works Director John DeSha said the city's water usage hasn't had any dramatic changes.

"In fact, we used less water than we did two weeks ago," DeSha said, attributing it to residents not watering as much. DeSha added that the city's water conservation schedule has been well received.

According to DeSha, the city used about 4.3 million gallons of water Tuesday calculated by the water department's flow meter. Tuesday's usage is below the average during summer months of 4.5 million gallons.

He said the city's problems with the heat involve maintenance of their pipe system with extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Mystri Hipsher, a lifeguard at the Portales City Swimming Pool, said Tuesday was not their busiest.

Local businesses saw little to some impact from the warmer weather.

Chase Mayhan, an employee of the Java Loft in Clovis, said fruit smoothies were a popular item Tuesday.

"It's kind of weird because people forget that we have cold drinks," said Mayhan about the local coffee shop.

Deannette Davis with the Snow Cone Zone in Portales said they sold about 50 snow cones from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. with sales surpassing Monday's. Pickle was the best selling flavor, she said.

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