Clovis High to start year without athletic director

When Clovis High School concluded its academic year, it was without an athletic director. That will also be the case when CHS begins its next academic year.

Jalayne Curtis, assistant to the superintendent's office, said the position made vacant when Brian Stacy resigned in May could not be filled by the district at the time, and will be closed until about December.

Superintendent Terry Myers said Jody Balch, deputy superintendent of operations for the district, will assume interim athletic director duties. He will be assisted by Myers, Clovis High Principal Wayne Marshall and assistant principals.

Myers said there were 15 to 16 applicants for the position, with only two meeting qualifications.

"We didn't feel like that was a representative sample," Myers said. "It must have been a bad time of year to do that kind of advertising."

The plan is to advertise the position again at the end of the fall semester, and have somebody on board for the spring semester.

Eric Roanhaus, entering his 35th season as Clovis High head football coach, said the vacant position will create issues.

"It makes it difficult for every program," Roanhaus said. "You've got scheduling, you've got deadlines you need to meet, you've got issues for petitioning kids for eligibility. There are a lot of things for every sport.

"It will be difficult for myself, Coach (Matt) King, and Coach (Jeff) Reed, all of the head coaches. There are a lot of things that have to be done on a daily basis, and not by somebody who's not in that office."

Roanhaus felt the most difficult matter could be when an immediate discipline decision must be made, while noting that a discipline decision led to the vacancy in the first place.

The position has been vacant since Stacy resigned May 11. Myers did not give details on what led to the resignations, or if he asked Stacy to resign, but said it involved a disciplinary issue with the baseball team.

Stacy could not be reached for comment.

The athletic director post is often a second position for a coach at smaller schools, but the practice is not as common in larger classifications, with more sports for more students. Of the 21 schools in Class 5A, six athletic directors are also listed on the NMAA website as serving in other coaching positions — Albuquerque High, Eldorado, Highland, Manzano, Volcano Vista and West Mesa.

Clovis High offers 11 varsity sports, seven of them with separate boys and girls teams, and a co-ed spirit squad.

"We realize the difficulty of somebody assuming more than one position," Myers said. "We know that's a full-time job. We know that's going to be burdensome. We just don't feel at this time we need to compromise and pick someone because they're the only one available."

School Board President Max Best agreed the situation is not ideal, but said Myers has been upfront with the board about the situation and the board supports Myers' decision.

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