Letters to the editor: Mudslinging gets worse every election season

This year's political campaigning is absolutely sickening.

Every day we are inundated with flyers about one of the candidates. Every other evening we are called about how we are going to vote.

At this point in the campaign, I really think we should have a candidate who would be absolutely loyal, can't tell a lie and loves people — namely my dog, who unfortunately passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

I don't know where all this mudslinging has come from, but there is no way anyone in our house will vote for a mudslinger — even if that person was originally my choice.

This week I received a letter from an incumbent candidate who has never contacted us previously to ask our opinion about anything.

Every year the mudslinging gets worse but no one bothers to tell us what they would like to do in Santa Fe.

This needs to stop.

Candidates should tell us what they want to see accomplished and not throw mud. I am sick of the whole thing.

Why should folks vote, if these are our best choices?

Laura Johnson


Toney has skills for treasurer post

On Tuesday, we begin the process of choosing the best person for our Curry County elected positions.

The county treasurer position is one of those. I do not see this as a job to be viewed from a classic "political" perspective.

Our Curry County treasurer must account for every penny of our taxes and county investments. If we have the opportunity we should choose a person for the treasurer job that has proven his or herself in that job.

Our local tax dollars depend on it.

Rachel Toney has proven herself in the treasurer's office. She worked in our treasurer's office for 12 years and served as the chief deputy for eight of those years. She committed the time every day no matter how long it took to account for every cent that came in or went out.

This is a technical job that should be filled by someone with technical skills and a proven record of values and commitment to collect and account for all our tax money.

While I appreciate others that want to serve our community I believe this particular position needs to be filled by someone with the technical skills of Rachel Toney.

Benny Adams


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