Letters to the editor: Do not let governor decide race

I read your recent article about the poll your newspaper conducted in our state Senate race.

I noted the large number of undecided voters and would like to pose a question:

Would those voters like Santa Fe to choose our next senator or would they like to choose this person?

Thank you and please remember to vote.

Laurence R. Hansen


Woods will do right by constituents

Months ago, I looked at the race for the District 7 state Senate seat and saw two candidates with "faith and "family" at the center of their campaigns.

Then the ugly came and I realized the Rio Grande Corridor had come to eastern New Mexico.

Mudslinging is talked against in the Bible.

Attending the Curry County Retired Teachers luncheon gave me a chance to hear both speak.

Angie Spears went first and talked about growing up in Quay County on the Lyons Ranch (she comes from a political family) until she finished first grade and moved to Clovis.

She explained all the work she's done in Santa Fe and then talked about repealing the law that allows illegal immigrants to have driver's licenses.

Pat Woods complimented Spears, agreeing that repealing the law is necessary and they stood with the governor on that issue.

He also addressed job creation in this economy, improving education for New Mexico, and the Ute Pipeline Project.

He talked about unpaid service in which he sat on boards in Santa Fe.

He refused to sling mud and talked about his leadership skills.

Woods has no family in politics, so he owes no one. Knowing he will do what is best for eastern New Mexico and not people he owes campaign contributions to — that's why I'm encouraging everyone to vote for Pat Woods.

LaNell Leatherwood


Woods proven trustworthy

For five years, I have done business with Eva Woods. When her husband Pat Woods entered the race for state Senate, I realized this was the man who had been behind the scenes, honoring the business decisions of his wife, and encouraging her.

They acted together in harmony and in fairness, always.

Pat never vetoed Eva's decisions, nor undermined mine. And he saw to it that they kept their promises.

Pat's honor for Eva was noteworthy.

For my choice, the better candidate, and one I can most trust to do the job that Clovis and eastern New Mexico need, is Pat Woods.

I know I can trust him, and he has proven himself to me.

Carolyn Spence


Woods rational decision maker

Pat Woods has been an excellent leader and role model to me as a child and now as an adult.

I have never known him to act rashly or react rashly. He always knows facts and has a lot of thought and meditation before he takes action.

I have never known him to act in a malicious manner … and this campaign proves that. He has had every opportunity to throw mud at his opponent, but he has not. That says a lot and lets me know that his main concern is for what's best for the people he represents — for our future with illegal immigrants, for our depleting water supply, and to not only maintain, but improve our way of life.

These should be the goals of our senators instead of mudslinging and red tape and how to best benefit themselves.

Pat is a good, Christian, leader who has climbed up the ladder in the agriculture world and I encourage everyone to learn more about him and vote for him on Tuesday.

Jaree Elliott


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