Police blotter – March 30

Here is a sampling of police, sheriff and fire call logs:


  • 1:45 a.m.: Call in reference to a pregnant female who was beat up by her boyfriend. She is outside on the ground, 2100 block of West Grand.
  • 3:48 a.m.: Caller reported a group of males possibly trying to break into a building. They are carrying a crowbar and backpacks, 1300 block of Thornton.
  • 6:36 a.m.: Call in reference to shots fired. Caller heard one large pop, Eighth and Edwards.
  • 6:46 a.m.: Caller reported her and her husband are going through a divorce. Caller said he has been messing with her vehicle and thinks he may have messed with the brakes or something under the hood, 3700 block of North Prince.
  • 8:39 a.m.: Caller reported someone tried to break into her vehicle; would like to speak to an officer, 700 block of Main.
  • 8:40 a.m.: Gas drive off reported; repeat offender, 700 block of West 21st.
  • 11:14 a.m.: Caller reported subjects have been trying to take money from her account by fraud, 2300 block of Moberly Drive.
  • 11:48 a.m.: Caller reported her friend who is at her home has several bruises and has been abused by her husband and reported it before. Caller is afraid that her friend's husband will kill her friend. He has threatened to kill her before, 1600 block of Wallace.
  • 12:15 p.m.: Caller reported she received a call from California telling her she would be arrested for online loans that had not been paid. Caller reported she has never taken out a loan online; said she has the phone number but no business name was given.
  • 12:57 p.m.: Caller reported being threatened by two people. They said the caller was going to die, 500 block of Ross.
  • 2:45 p.m.: Gas drive off reported, 3400 block of North Prince.
  • 3:33 p.m.: Caller reported seeing a male subject in the living room. Subject is in the backyard and caller is in the closet, 2600 block of Cobblestone.
  • 3:54 p.m.: Caller reported six shots fired. Sounds like it was coming from the baseball park across the street, 600 block of Upsilon.
  • 4:04 p.m.: Caller reported that a man hit her and she wants him removed, 2100 block of West Grand.
  • 4:07 p.m.: Call in reference to two males fighting, 700 block of Wallace.
  • 4:52 p.m.: Caller reported a man made a phone threat saying he was going to shoot her, 500 block of Norris.
  • 4:58 p.m.: Call in reference to windows shot out at a mobile home, 2000 block of Fairway Terrace.
  • 6:14 p.m.: Call in reference to a male who was battered on Tierra Blanca. Male is in the emergency room, 2100 block of MLK.
  • 6:23 p.m.: Caller reported hearing six shots fired in the area, 100 block of Waneta.
  • 8:03 p.m.: Call in reference to an unknown amount of males breaking bottles in a house, vandalizing it. The house may be vacant, 500 block of Neptune.
  • 8:33 p.m.: Caller reported two people keep driving by her house; they waved a gun at her about 15 minutes ago. Caller has seven children in the house and is afraid for their safety, 100 block of West 12th.
  • 10:52 p.m.: Call in reference to a burglary in progress. Caller says she's been robbed and subjects are armed, 900 block of Gidding.

— Compiled by CNJ staff writer Benna Sayyed

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