Attack on Christianity offensive

Let’s say, hypothetically, a group of television industry folks gathered to brainstorm for ideas for a new prime-time soap opera.

Let’s say one of the creative minds in the group threw out the possible title of “Good Muslim Witches.”

Could you only imagine the horrified looks on the faces of the others in the room in response to what was proposed?

Someone would quickly lash out harshly at the offender and then the others would join in on berating that horrible person for ever suggesting such a title.

“So, ‘Good Lesbian Witches’ wouldn’t be an appropriate title either?” the horrible person would ask.

Can you even imagine the violent reaction that would have resulted? That person would have been forever blackballed from the television industry. How dare anyone even consider insulting Muslims and homosexuals with such an inappropriate title and show topic?

It’s a shame that such a reaction did not occur when someone proposed a television show entitled “Good Christian Witches,” several months ago.

Anti-Christian bigotry has yet once again reared its ugly head. Anti-Christian bigots claim they are against all religions yet you never see or hear them insulting other faiths the way they do Christianity; especially the Mus-lim faith.

By the way, the term “Witches” isn’t the actual word utilized; it starts with a “B.” The television series producers decided to change the title of the show to “Good Christian Belles” at the last minute, but that must have really been too painful for they quickly changed the title to “GCB.” That’s according to the Internet Movie Database.

I reckon it’s a good thing for anti-Christian bigots that Christianity is known as a religion of peace.