Superintendent’s contract extended

Benna Sayyed

The Clovis Municipal Schools Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday to extended the contract of Superintendent Terry Myers.

The board added an additional year on to Myers contract which had two years remaining, and agreed to continue his annual salary of $151,000 through June 30, 2015.

“We just feel like he’s doing a good job particularly under trying circumstances with the budget environment that we’re in in New Mexico and the changing environment as far as testing,” said Max Best, Clovis Municipal School board vice president.

Best said Myers’ experience leading districts with similar demographics has been valuable in addressing upcoming challenges the district faces, which include uncertainties in state funding, implementation of state grading systems, and whether the district will be allowed resources to address academic performance issues such as reading.

“I think the key thing is to get the district well-positioned to address the new grading system,” Best said. “The important thing that we have to be laser focused on is getting all of our kids reading at grade level because this is the key to learning and academic success.”

New Mexico implemented an A-to-F grading system this year to replace the federal No Child Left Behind Act. The grading system will be based heavily on standardized tests taken by students and on growth of student performance in reading and mathematics.

Other factors include elementary school attendance, high school graduation rate and a survey of students.

Best also said the school board believes Myers has enhanced the morale of the district’s personnel, the district’s image and relationship with the community and throughout the state. According to Best, Myers knows exactly what needs to be addressed to raise the academic performance of students.

“I’m elated that the public is allowing me to work with their children for another year and I look forward to moving our academics forward,” Myers said.

Throughout the next few years Myers hopes to accomplish the following:

• Improve the academic performance of students.

• Make sure that all district construction projects are completed on schedule.

• Strive to overcome inconsistencies in the district and create a method of appealing to all children.

• Strive to overcome the language barrier in the district. Myers said the district sees a larger percentage of English language learners every year struggling to become proficient in English.

• Find a method of getting employees additional funding.

“Right now it’s been four years since our employees have had a raise and I want to find some way to get them something for what they do everyday for the kiddos,” Myers said.