Business licenses — Dec. 13

The following business licenses were obtained from the city of Clovis in November:

• Curry County Cats Spirit Squad
Type: Club
Owner: Mytrice Williams
Location: 1319 S. Lea

• Cubeconomy
Type: Money operated machines
Owner: Eric Delson
Location: 1719 S. Ave. M

• Cash 4 Gold
Type: Gold/silver
Owner: Mohammad Mahmud
Location: 1603 Prince

• Three Wiseman
Type: Collectables
Owner: Alaa Helal
Location: North Plains Mall

• Whitley’s Home Services
Type: General Contractor
Owner: Perry Whitley Jr.
Location: 801 Hull

• Apodaca’s Concepts
Type: Computer repair
Owner: Richard A. Apodaca
Location: 112 Manson

• Dream Givers
Type: Mediation
Owner: Sandra Sawyer
Location: 1700 Wilshire Blvd.

• Jim Hogg Construction
Type: Building contractor
Owner: Jim Hogg
Location: 221 Hawken Rd.

• Butterfly Kisses
Type: Clothing
Owner: Alexa Clayton
Location: 1500 Pile

• Serenity Day Spa
Type: Day Spa
Owner: Melanie Watkins
Location: 2809 Prince

• 711 Your Furniture Store
Type: Furniture
Owner: Joel V. Rodriguez
Location: 711 W. Seventh St.

• Sick Money Productions
Type: Audio recording
Owner: Sergio Silguero
Location: 1120 S. Prince