Thanksgiving kicks off holiday traditions

Go to Macy’s official website — Macy’s department store, I mean. This is the week to finish my focus on gratitude by writing about media, pieces and parts of which I am grateful for, and one of those would be the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, begun in 1924.

If you go to their website and click on Parade History, it will show you some really cool film footage of previous years, as well as a rundown of the history of this annual event. I have had the privilege of seeing the parade, while I was stationed in New York, and honestly prefer the televised version.

It was not a cold Thanksgiving, and cold doesn’t bother me anyway. It is, no doubt, something which one should do, if one is in New York on Thanksgiving, just as going to Rockefeller Center is a must during the Christmas season.

On television viewing, however, one doesn’t have to fight the crowds and struggle to see over people who are taller than one’s own 5-foot-8.

Be that as it may, there are great media events associated with this time of year for which I am grateful, and this parade is one of them. The football games which immediately follow are another.

We begin the season of Christmas specials, and if one can get past the absurd ones — the need to invent TV shows to go along with songs — we get to the true classics, or the new classics, like some of the Hallmark shows.

Music is an integral part of the gratitude I feel at this time of year, and though I refuse to tune in yet, Sirius XM has already begun to play seasonal music on a few channels, with a couple more to come. It is my quirk that I do not want to hear such until after Thanksgiving, but the music itself is a cause for gratitude.

Finally, there are the Christmas house lights. We have worked for a long time to build up a yard display that was worth looking at, and I am grateful that we have been able to do so. The tradition we have established is, they go up the weekend after Thanksgiving.