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Students participate in leadership conference

Fifteen students from Yucca Middle School, Clovis Freshman Academy and Clovis High participated in the New Mexico Career Technical Education Fall Leadership Conference Oct. 16-18 in Bonita Park.

More than 300 career and technical education students took part in workshops at the conference focusing on developing leadership skills in the areas of strategic planning, effective communication, teambuilding, and professionalism.

The following students participated in the workshops:

• Yucca Middle School — Karley Parrez, Emilia Sanchez, Dakota Gomez, Anel Vicuna, Stevanna Shirley, Isaiah Rios, Anthony Mejia.

• Clovis Freshman Academy — Camille Ulibarri, Dannelle Kirven, Ashley Crouch, Micayla Yoesting.

• Clovis High — Trey Trotter, Gabbie Brewer, Cassidy Le, Austin Miller.

New Mexico’s Career Leadership Program helps students prepare for college and career opportunities.